So, the Dutch gave up New York

This 6 minute clip provides you with an interesting insight as to why the Dutch gave up New York.

It was mainly to do with the amazing Brits ( definitely not biased or anything 😉 ). If you’re interested in Dutch/American/British history, then this is a video for you.

It’s also really informative for only a small video, check it out and let us know what you think!


  1. “Raid on AMerica” tells the story of there retaking of New Amsterdam. the Frisian admiralty sent a raiding squadron to the Caribbean where it bumped into another raiding party dispatched by the Zeeland admiralty. they decide to join forces and scoured the American coastline destroying the Carolina and Virginia tobacco fleets and the New England fishing fleet. what was not said in the video was that the Netherlands was trying to get Spain to join the war on their side, why i don’t know except that the French had taken Utrecht and were threatening the big cities. Spain would not join in unless New AMsterdam was returned to the English and it was. also note that the Pilgrims were offered free transportation, animals, food, seed, weapons and protection IF they would settle at the mouth of the North (Hudson) RIver under the Dutch flag. they were skittish about this but i would not only signed the offer but blown the ink dry before the other sider realized how much they had given away.


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