When are Public, National and School Holidays in the Netherlands in 2019?

“Because even though we just went back to work, we need to know… For a friend”

If you haven’t yet heard, it’s a new year (2019, we all up in it). A new year that brings with
it both time-honored and cultural observances. So in light of January’s refresh, Dutch Review has compiled a guide of all public, national and school Holidays in the Netherlands 2019. So mark your calendars and continue celebrating every single chance you get, don’t just be one of those people that lets their phone or google remind them.


Public Holidays In The Netherlands 

Whether you’re already looking forward to holidays or you are trying to find out when your next day off work is arriving, we’ve compiled a list of 2019’s holidays. Relax, kick back, sharpen your pencil and grab your calendar.

Other Noteworthy National Dates

Even if they’re not national days off they’re certainly just as important.

Where are the holidays, I know I left them around here somewhere…
  • 31 March: Daylight saving time – clocks go forward 1hr
  • 19th April: Good Friday
  • 1st April: April Fool’s Day
  • 4th May: National Remembrance Day
  • 12th May: Mother’s Day (very important)
  • 5th May: Liberation Day
  • 16th June: Father’s Day (just as important as mother’s day)
  • 28th October: Clocks go back 1hr
  • 5th December: Sinterklaas

School Holidays in the Netherlands

Dates include primary, secondary and special education – other schools have their own personal dates set

When it comes to School holidays in the Netherlands it’s key to remember that most periods are divided into 3 regions (North, Middle, South), this way the whole country doesn’t go on holiday the same week. But of course, it’s also something to factor in when planning a vacation. Furthermore, when booking tickets, also check if the dates of the elementary and high school are the same.

Christmas holiday 2018– 2019

  • All regions: 22nd December 2018 – 6th January 2018

Spring holiday 2019

  • South, The Hague, Rotterdam and Central: 23rd February – 3rd March
  • Amsterdam and North: 16th February – 24th February

May holiday 2019

  • All regions: 27th April – 5th May

This may be extended by a week – check with your local school beforehand (pretty please)

Summer holiday 2019

  • South: 6th July to 18th August
  • Central: 20th July – 1st August
  • North: 13th July – 25th August

A Complete List of 2019 Holidays

  • 1st January: New Year’s Day
  • 31 March: Daylight saving time – clocks go forward 1hr
  • 1st April: April Fool’s Day
  • 19th April: Good Friday
  • 21st April: Easter
  • 21st April: Easter Monday
  • 27th April: King’s Day
  • Nothing on the 1st of May: check our article on Labour day in the Netherlands
  • 4th May: Remembrance Day
  • 5th May: Liberation Day (public holiday every 5 years, so 2020)
  • 12th May: Mother’s Day (Forget this date at your own peril)
  • 30th May: Ascension Day
  • 9th June: Whit Sunday
  • 10th June: Whit Monday
  • 16th June: Father’s Day
  • 28th October: Clocks go back 1hr
  • 5th December: Sinterklaas
  • 25th December: Christmas Day
  • 26th December: Boxing Day

Any holiday is a good holiday, we’re ready.  Don’t forget to grab your diaries and start planning your holidays. Also, don’t forget to triple check with your child’s school – just in case they alter their holiday days slightly. Enjoy your time off and don’t forget to join our Facebook group for more.

Happy New Year ’19 from all of us at Dutch Review



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