4 surprising similarities between the Netherlands and Australia

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Think Aussies and Dutchies are oceans apart (figuratively, at least)? Think again. 

Australia and the Netherlands may be separated by approximately 14,748 kilometres (9,164 miles), but despite the vast distance and the near-day-long flight required to make the trip, there are some intriguing similarities between the two nations.

An individual living in one country as an expat to their home nation might find it easy to come across many (or all) of the eight huge differences between the Netherlands and Australia

However, they may also recognize that some things are a little more familiar and give them a slice of home despite being almost 10,000 miles away. 🇦🇺🇳🇱

1. Multiculturalism

In Australia, almost 100,000 of its citizens were born in the Netherlands, while 240,000 claim Dutch heritage. 

The similarities are so great that a blog site for people of both nations has been set up.

In truth, it perhaps should not be a great surprise that the two countries are vastly diverse and boast a multitude of communities. 

Australia and the Netherlands are cultural melting pots. Image: Depositphotos

Globalisation has become easier than ever with cheaper and more accessible flights. Still, the diverse environment happened much earlier than this type of travel became readily available, especially in Australia.

The migration boom that followed the end of World War II saw many move from the European nation to the Land Down Under in the 1950s.

2. Shared interests

Unsurprisingly, the two countries have several shared interests that many citizens participate in. 

Let’s start with a Dutch classic: biking. Cycling as a sport is huge in the Netherlands, with people pulling on their lycra to zoom along the dykes on their two-wheelers.

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Similarly, Australia has its own armies of cyclists. While daily biking is nowhere near as common, the weekend warriors don’t think twice before pedalling Australia’s curving roads and mountains in a pack. 

Cycling isn’t the only sport Aussies and Dutchies have in common. In fact, these are two nations that love sport, whether it’s playing or spectating. 

The two countries have come to heads in recent years in football (or as the Aussies say, soccer), swimming, and track and field. 

Both Dutchies and Aussies love a good sports event! Image: Depositphotos

Speaking of pastimes, residents in the two countries also seem to share a love for gambling. Both have a culture for engaging in sports betting activities, while many also like to visit a casino and play the games that can be found in one of these venues.

If they’re not at a venue, Aussies might be found playing at one of the best online casinos in Australia, where they play the same card games and slots without the necessity of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. 

However, casino expert Jamie Bungaree advises that it is always important to read bonus terms when playing, as this can be the difference between a positive and negative experience.

3. Landscape

In terms of landscapes, both countries can boast areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The Netherlands offers an abundance of spectacular nature in terms of its National Parks, woodlands, forests, dams, and waterways despite being a remarkably densely populated country. 

You can visit the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam, and then visit the tulip fields — known as ‘Bollenstreek’ — near the city and towards the North Sea.

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In its own very different way, Australia has vast and plentiful nature to offer, even beyond the typical outback or beaches.

Some places in Australia were even discovered by the Dutch. Image: Depositphotos

Additionally, various National Parks can be visited, as can the Great Barrier Reef and incredible habitats for animals native to the region (kangaroos, koalas, and the kookaburra). 

4. Historical Legacies

Both countries have a rich historical past and have had a lasting impact on the world in various ways.

The Netherlands once had its own empire and was shaped based on the history of this. 

Australia has also been ruled as part of an empire, albeit as part of the British colony. It is now part of the Commonwealth, which is governed by royalty. 

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The Netherlands is another nation (and one of a few) with a royal family ruling.

There are many maritime references that are shared by both nations, too. This is due to the number of Dutch shipwrecks that are lying on the seabed of Australia

Additionally, there are places in Australia named by Dutch explorers, just like with animals too (the Quokka, for example). 

When taking a deeper look and diving beneath the surface, it is clear that Australia and the Netherlands share a lot more than one would think. 

Have you noticed similarities between the Netherlands and Australia? Tell us in the comments below!

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