Things Dutch people never say (VIDEO INSIDE)

Overall, the Dutch are very decent people. But they have their ways, and there are just some things no Nederlander would ever say. Like, ever.

We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t the Dutch known for their directness? Will they not simply speak their mind? But some things are considered to be so unthinkable in Dutch society that they are simply not spoken about.

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What are some things Dutch people never say?

For example, you’ll never hear a Dutchie order beer with half foam, welcome unexpected guests, or admit that the Belgians are hilarious. It would go against the very fibre of their being to utter any of these common phrases.

Want to know more? There’s a lot to be learned from this video by Survival Guide to the Dutch. Check it out! 👇🏻

Are there any other things that Dutch people would never say that we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments below!

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in September 2022, and was fully updated in August 2023 for your reading pleasure.

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Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
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  1. My colleagues ask me why I love visiting the Netherlands, and I’m most likely to tell them that the Dutch tell it like it is. Admirable quality unlike the u.s.a.

  2. This video is so apt. The dutch ppl are not so welcoming to the unexpected visitors, likes ppl to see how they live aka open culture/society, no foam=shit beer etc.

  3. The video could have been bit more specific. Maybe with some explanation in stead of just showing some events which are actually opposite of these. And the last part where the woman was asking to turn up the volume is not so necessary, because anywhere in the world, the neighbors would ask you to turn it down if it disturbs them, not only in the Netherlands.

  4. So there I was in the year 1986, an American born Dutch guy on my first visit to NL, rudely knocking UNANNOUNCED on doors of relatives I did not know. What I expected I don’t know. I didn’t know the Dutch don’t just pay cold call visits. We may do it in USA but even here it’s not real cool. In my defense, my Dutch was less than minimal and speaking on the Dutch phone was beyond me, not only because of my poor language skills but I didn’t even know how to operate Dutch pay phones. Ah but I was treated kindly enough by my surprised cousins. I was usually not invited in beyond the entry way, if I got inside at all. But thank you familie leden for not just slamming the door in my face. To be fair, the next time I visited was much warmer. One must start somewhere and had I waited for someone to teach me Dutch manners or introduce me, I wouldn’t have met so many cherished relatives, some of which are no longer with us. I was awkward and rude but making a fool of myself was worth making their acquaintances. I’m a little embarrassed but not sorry.


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