Meet Upway: the new online marketplace for refurbished e-bikes (that won’t make your wallet cry)

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From zooming to work in style to upping your fitness and reducing your carbon footprint, there are many reasons why e-bikes are an ideal form of transport. 

The Dutch and their love for biking is nothing new — in fact, Dutchies probably cycle more than they walk. It’s no surprise then to hear that the electric bicycle (e-bike) has been stirring up a storm in the Netherlands as of late. 

Sustainable, fashionable, accessible, fast — and all on two wheels? Sign the Dutch up. In fact, sign us internationals up too! So, ehm, how do we get one (that doesn’t break the bank?) 

That’s where Upway comes in. Putting the above values into practice, Upway is an online platform where you can score an affordable and completely refurbished e-bike. 

E-bikes don’t have to cost a fortune, that’s what refurbished e-bikes are for! Image: Depositphotos

Purchasing a brand new e-bike — is it worth it?

It can be intimidating to upgrade your traditional bike to an electric one before you glide your way through town and conquer miles on the road. 

Thankfully though, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are many places you can buy an e-bike: online, secondhand, straight from the manufacturer, through bicycle subscription schemes, or the go-to: bike shops. 

However, when selecting an e-bike, you have to consider factors, such as:

  • Is the e-bike suitable for your needs? It can get confusing with all the brands, sizes, styles, and features of an electric bike.
  • What’s the quality of the battery? It’s important to get an e-bike with a high-quality battery that won’t drain quickly. 
  • Have you considered the high maintenance and repair costs? E-bikes require more expensive spare parts and maintenance. If anything needs replacing or repairing, it won’t be goedkoop (cheap).

And most importantly…

  • How about that price tag? Usually, e-bikes cost more than your average bike, with brand-new models costing more than a few months’ rent — echt niet fijn! (really not nice!).
Refurbished e-bikes can make your morning commute easier and faster! Image: Freepik

So, is it really worth it to buy a brand-new e-bike? That all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. However, if you find the price of a brand new e-bike far too high — as many people do — this doesn’t mean your e-bike journey is over. 

This is where Upway can save you and your savings: they are the first platform to launch an online marketplace dedicated to restored, affordable e-bikes. 🚴🏻‍♀️ While a brand-new e-bike may not be worth it, a more accessible refurbished one may be just right!

Buying a refurbished e-bike in the Netherlands — save money and meet Upway

Upway is a French startup that was founded in 2021. It started by selling refurbished electric bikes in France, Germany, and Belgium and it’s eindelijk (finally) on the Dutch market too. 

The company not only believes that e-bikes are a great way to reduce CO2 emissions, but that cycling should be an experience that takes you “quickly, comfortably and effortlessly” to anywhere you want to go.

Does the price tag of a brand-spanking new electric bicycle make you cringe? 😬 Upway tackles this drawback by offering high-quality refurbished bicycles that won’t hurt your savings. 

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That’s right, they market e–bikes that are a whopping 60% cheaper compared to new ones.

How? Upway completely overhauls previously owned e-bikes by checking the bikes after use, repairing them as needed, and putting them back up for sale. 

The goal of the young brand is clear — to make e-bikes affordable and accessible for everyone. For less than €1000, you can get your hands on a refurbished e-bike that will make you a true, sustainable speedy McBreezy in no time. 

Affordable, accessible, and sustainable: refurbished e-bikes are the way to go! Image: Depositphotos

Who says you have to give up style? 

Whether you’re running a quick errand, taking your kids to school, cycling through nature, or doing a morning commute by train, Upway offers plenty of choices for every type of cyclist. 

And nee, you don’t have to cycle looking like you’re on a budget either. Upway can give you that “cool look” without breaking a sweat the next time you cycle over a bridge. In fact, they stock top e-bike brands, such as Gazelle, Riese & Müller, and Giant.

Not your usual online marketplace

When it comes to online marketplaces, sometimes you have to do a bit of gambling. It can be risky to buy any used item online. You have to ask yourself: do I trust this website? Is the seller reliable?

Unlike other online marketplaces, with Upway, you don’t have to worry about this.

A seller you can trust

When it comes to buying an e-bike online or second-hand, there is a real risk of scams. With Upway, you can relax: reliable and trustworthy? Ja, en nog een ja! (Yes, and yes again!)

Customers want to know that they’re not just getting an affordable and high-quality e-bike, but also a safe one that delivers and meets their expectations. With Upway, it’s a “partner you can trust.”

Finding a refurbished e-bike that meets your expectations and is in high-quality condition is important! Image: Freepik

The company aims to make its platform a marketplace for the largest selection of e-bikes, providing customers comfort in knowing that every product has officially been certified by leading mechanics in the industry and will be ready to bike safely upon arrival. 

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Where does Upway get their refurbished e-bikes, you might ask? Upway has developed a fast procedure for its own purchase of used e-bikes: the company will buy a used e-bike from individual owners who want to get rid of their bike. 

They also acquire some of their e-bikes from third-party retailer bike shops, alongside e-bike fleets and rental companies that upgrade the lineup every few years. 

An expert-guided safety check keeps you safe

Upway works with a 20-point inspection process, which means that a mechanic thoroughly checks that there is no structural damage to essential components. 

If anything needs to be replaced or repaired, you can rest assured that your e-bike will be delivered to you in the best quality. 

Geen stress when deciding on the e-bike of your dreams

Buying an e-bike online can be a bit of a gamble. What if it doesn’t sit right once you’ve already bought it? Or what if you change your mind about owning an e-bike altogether? 

Geen probleem — Upway has a 14-day trial period, during which you can make returns if needed. You’ll be reimbursed once Upway has received your return shipment. All you have to do is make sure the e-bike is in the same condition you received it in, and that it’s in the original packaging. 

Sustainable and also looks cool? You’ll be zooming in through the Netherlands in style! Image: Freepik

An online marketplace with a warranty

If you’ve decided to keep your Upway e-bike after the 14-day period, you can continue to be stress-free after purchasing, as they provide customers with a standard one-year warranty. 

The warranty covers the battery, the frame, the motor, and the general electronics. This means that if anything happens to your e-bike in the next 12 months after your purchase, there is no need to panic — Upway has got you covered. 

All the e-bikes listed on the website are available immediately and are delivered to your doorstep in the Netherlands in less than a week. If you see a DHL, PostNL, or UPS outside your door, that’s your e-bike waiting for you. 

Ready to purchase a wallet-friendly e-bike? Upway’s online marketplace makes it an easy and accessible experience. Check out their huge range of refurbished e-bikes and enjoy your new wheels! 

So, go ahead and join the e-bike boom. Take your time browsing, and weighing your options, the right wheels are out there waiting for you — and they don’t have to break the bank. 

Do you have experience with buying an e-bike online? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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Francesca Burbano
Francesca is an international at heart but moved to the Netherlands to get her degree in media and communication. While she's not a big fan of the cold weather and biking (for good reason — she's been hit by bikes three times already), she fell in love with the canals, bitterballen, and the 'gezelligheid' of Dutch culture. When she's not writing, you'll find her reading thriller books, hitting her personal records at the gym, and cuddling up with her Ragdoll cat.

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