I attended a MixTree English lesson (and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in class!)

Are you looking for an English language school that goes beyond the ordinary? Well, look no further than MixTree Languages. Why? What makes them different? Good questions — we’ve got the answers. 

Located right in the heart of Amsterdam, MixTree is not your typical language school.

It’s a non-profit cultural association, in which learning and community are combined. The classes are made up of adults from all corners of the world, who have moved to the Netherlands seeking new opportunities and connections. 💪

At MixTree Languages, they understand the struggle of moving to a new country without a firm grasp of the English language. That’s why learning English is made super leuk (super fun) thanks to interactive learning methods, a multicultural environment, and motivating teachers. 

Ready to reach your language goals? Let us take you through a day in the life of a student at MixTree Languages.  

Meet MixTree Languages

You’ll find MixTree Languages just five minutes away from the glorious Rijksmuseum! Image: MixTree/Supplied

It is no secret that English is a widely spoken second language in the Netherlands, making it one of the most important languages for expats to learn upon their move to the country of clogs and stroopwafels.

All of their courses, ranging from A1 to C1, share an innovative approach to learning which guarantees quick student success. How? By getting you to “activate your English” through speaking

Interactive learning — in the most fun way possible

Dry vocabulary memorisation with no real-life application? Nee. Lengthy lectures that lack engagement? No thanks. At MixTree, you’ll have none of that. 

How do I know this? I actually attended one of their English classes. While there, I noticed that the focus clearly lay on getting students to collaborate on tasks and actually talk to each other about the things that they are interested in. 

An interactive vocabulary challenge is guaranteed to get the English flowing! Image: DutchReview

And let me tell you: a class where you share some laughs and great chats is a tried and tested way to genuinely enhance the learning experience and get faster results.  

Take it from someone who’s been there!  

To activate our English, we started off with an engaging vocabulary challenge before the students quizzed each other’s knowledge with questions they had prepared at home. 

As a whole, MixTree encourages lively discussions and provides a safe space to make mistakes while learning functional language. Once you have built your English confidence, not only Amsterdam but the Netherlands becomes yours to explore. Hoera! 🤩

Stay accountable with structured learning

MixTree Languages offers a wide range of courses to cater to its diverse learners. Whether you’re a complete beginner, know the basics, or only want to improve your business English, MixTree has your back. 

To ensure that you succeed in your language learning goals, all the fun is backed by highly-qualified professionals who have developed well-organised study programs. 🎓

MixTree’s certified teachers know all the best study tips. Image: MixTree/Supplied

Often students struggle with knowing where to start and how to filter all of the information available to them when learning a language. The structured approach used at MixTree provides a clear pathway for students to see real progress as they move up through the levels. 

On top of that, there’s also a flipped approach. This is where students are introduced to the material before class. This instils a sense of accountability among the students, while also giving them the power to guide their own language learning journey. 🌟

Enjoy a plan that actually fits your schedule 

As adults, we all have busy lives, and fitting a language course into them can be difficult. MixTree’s main courses, Intensive English and Morning English, are designed to accommodate a variety of schedules.

Intensive English is a 40-hour intense English course where students attend classes four times a week. This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to see quick progress. A new round of courses begins each month, making them more frequent than what most other schools offer.  

Different people, different schedules: MixTree offers courses that accommodate everyone. Image: MixTree/Supplied

Can’t commit to 10 hours per week? Then Morning English is for you! As the name suggests, this course offers six weeks of learning through two morning lessons per week. It maintains the high-quality standards of an intensive course, while allowing you time to build long-term learning strategies.

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But there is much more to MixTree Languages! Besides their main courses, they also offer Online Evening Courses, Business English, One-to-One lessons, In-company English, and Academic English. To get a full overview of their courses, we recommend you check out their website.

Not sure what course is right for you? No problem!
MixTree offers a free English level check, which allows you to determine your overall level and set your specific language goals with a MixTree teacher.

A multicultural setting that fosters community

What is the result of people from all walks of life having meaningful and interesting conversations? A strong sense of community!

Kathleen, one of MixTree’s dedicated teachers, emphasises that the organisation is not just a learning resource, but also takes on a much more significant role in the life of its students: “It’s a first stop for many expats to get their lives started in the Netherlands,” she says. 

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Brought together by their shared learning goals and international experience in this beautiful flat country, the students stay in touch with each other even outside of the classroom — be it through WhatsApp chat or social activities put on throughout the city by organisations that collaborate with MixTree.

People can connect with each other on a personal level, thanks to the friendly and inclusive atmosphere, helping students create a network well past the classroom.   

At MixTree Languages, various classes are provided at all stages of your English language-learning journey. And not to mention at some of the most affordable prices in Amsterdam! 

What this means is simple: MixTree’s benefits go far beyond the classroom and assist in various aspects of life in the Netherlands for internationals. 

Ready to learn more? Check out MixTree Languages’ Facebook and Instagram pages! 

You can also contact Mixtree via [email protected] or at +31(0)20 76 61 981, Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM. Good luck on your exciting new journey!

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