In the coming weeks, coronavirus testing in the Netherlands is expected to greatly expand, with the addition of seven new rapid test streets. They will be built and safeguarded by soldiers, according to insider information from RTL Nieuws.

This is particularly good news, as new figures show another rise in daily coronavirus infections. Today, 9,283 positive tests were recorded, 526 more than yesterday.

Results of the rapid tests can sometimes be known within a minute. This is a dramatic improvement over the standard coronavirus tests, which take a minimum of 24 hours for results. The shift to this type of testing alone is expected to save an enormous amount of time in test lines.

RTL’s insiders suggest that soldiers will be trained not only to build the seven new test streets but also to run them.

Rapid test advancement

Several promising rapid tests are currently in development in the Netherlands. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge says that the so-called LAMP test will be the first to be used on a large scale.

The LAMP test gives results within 45 minutes and has been used in a laboratory since last week. It has not, however, been confirmed that this test will be used in the new test streets. More should be known next week.

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Feature Image: Raymond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons/CC4.0


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