Coronavirus update: 534 new cases and 30 deaths

The current number of coronavirus patients in the Netherlands stands at 2994 after RIVM published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for Friday the 20th of March.

This is an increase of 534 patients since the last count. Sadly, 30 people have also died since yesterday. All deaths to date are reported to be between 63 and 95 years of age. It’s likely the number of cases is far higher, however, these are the official figures reported by health officials.

Martin van Rijn is the new Minister for Medical Care

Former PvdA Secretary of State Martin van Rijn will be the new Minister for Medical Care, Prime Minister Rutte announced. It is just for three months and at the request of the cabinet. Van Rijn joins the cabinet on a personal basis, since his party the PvdA isn’t part of the current government (good to see our political parties work together though).

He succeeds VVD member Bruno Bruins, who resigned yesterday due to severe fatigue. Rutte is happy that Van Rijn said yes “because he is immediately available and I have a lot of confidence in him” reports NOS.

Check out our coronavirus guide

We’ve created a guide with everything you need to know about the coronavirus in the Netherlands. There’s much talk about the Dutch strategy to counter corona, you can read more about that extremely difficult debate right here.

Rutte has also stated that a lockdown is still an option, but not the way to go right now since the ICU units are still sufficiently available.

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