Coronavirus update: 906 more reported cases, 164 more reported deaths

According to the most recent RIVM data, the total amount of coronavirus cases are now 16,627. Another 904 patients were known to be infected with the virus since yesterday. Furthermore, 336 patients were hospitalised since yesterday, bringing the total to 6,622. Meanwhile 164 new deaths have been reported. This brings the total mortality count to 1,651 in the Netherlands. 

The rate at which the numbers of coronavirus patients is increasing is less than it was yesterday (yesterday 1,026 new cases were reported). However, yesterday 148 new deaths were reported, and the number today is slightly higher.

Nonetheless, the rates seem to have stabilised slightly in that there is no exponential increase.

It should be noted that the actual number of new infections is likely higher than the numbers mentioned by the RIVM as not everyone is being tested. Additionally, a delay occurs between the day of the death and the death that is reported.

Good weather forecasted today – stay inside

Although the weather is forecasted to be warm and sunny during the weekend, it’s still important to adhere to government regulations and try to stay in as much as possible, keep a distance from people and wash your hands regularly.


For more on coronavirus in the Netherlands, check out our coronavirus guide, which is updated daily with the latest.

If you’re an expat in the Netherlands

Living in another country can be an amazing but challenging experience. Living in a country during a pandemic? That’s more challenging than ever. You may be battling loneliness, homesickness, and concern over navigating a health crisis in a foreign country.

If you have concerns about whether to return home, how to get basic groceries, to overcome the culture shock and language barrier, loneliness during this time of isolation, how to navigate the Dutch healthcare system and more, check out our article on concerns that expats might have during the coronavirus crisis and how to handle them. 

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Vedika Luthra
Vedika Luthra
Vedika was born in India, raised in Poland and moved to the Netherlands to study. Like her nationality, she’s confused about what she likes most, which is why her bachelor’s degree was in liberal arts and sciences. She enjoys writing about all things food-related but likes to mix it up every now and then.


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