COVID-19 update: daily deaths lowers yet again, but Dutch cases pass 30,000

The most recent RIVM statistics regarding coronavirus reveal that there are 1,235 new cases in the Netherlands. The total number of cases is now 30,449.

Additionally, there have been 156 new hospitalisations, bringing the total number to 9,465.

The total number of deaths is 144, and the total mortality count is 3,459.

The RIVM suggests that the measures in place seem to be working, since the number of hospitalised patients seem to be declining. Furthermore, the number of deaths is also decreasing (fortunately), but at a lower rate.

More on mortality

Overall in terms of mortality in the Netherlands, the total mortality count in general has increased during weeks 14 and 15 of this year. There are 2,000-2,300 more deaths per week than would normally be expected around this time of year, according to the RIVM.

This can likely be attributed to the coronavirus outbreak, but more information can only be known once the registered deaths are fully processed and studied.

Education Council: new school year should begin earlier if school closures continue

The Education Council has proposed that if schools are still closed after the May holidays, the new school year may start earlier in the fall in order to make up for any gaps and bring students up to date.

Next Tuesday, the cabinet will announce whether or not schools will remain closed after the May break. If schools are closed, the Education Council advocates for schools to open earlier in the next school year. According to Edith Hooge, the chairman of the Council, “if the learning interruption lasts longer than six weeks, problems will grow.”

What has coronavirus done to Amsterdam’s housing market?

The rental market in Amsterdam has experienced something no one would have thought possible a few months ago: more supply than demand.

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, apartments usually rented out to holidayers have been lying vacant. In the months before the social distancing came into effect, rental prices increased slightly in Amsterdam, making the already expensive city just a little more out of the average person’s reach. Now, there are more and more houses being offered for rent to the general public, because no tourists are visiting the Dutch capital right now. Additionally, many expats have now returned home.

3% of Dutchies have antibodies against coronavirus, early study shows

Only 3% of Dutch people have coronavirus antibodies, according to a study by blood donation organisation Sanquin. This is in line with the case in other countries, too. Not good news for herd immunity: but, according to Marion Koopmans, head of the Erasmus MC virology department, we would expect to see more people having antibodies further on in the epidemic, as they usually continue to appear up four weeks after infection.

Events could be canceled until September, but other restrictions may ease

The cabinet will be meeting at the start of next week to decide what to do about the current deadline of the coronavirus measures on April 27.

There is a proposal circulating among top officials stating that events could be cancelled until the first of September. Despite a possible ban on events until the first of September, the government is also looking into the possibility of relaxing other measures. This includes primary schools, after-school care, as well as the option of potentially opening up sports organisations for the youth.

Amsterdam pride celebrations cancelled due to coronavirus

Amsterdam Gay Pride foundation (AGP) has decided to postpone this year’s pride celebrations, which were scheduled to take place between 25 July and 2 August this year. This decision comes as a result of social distancing measures, but also because of rumours that public gatherings will be banned until 1 September this year. Furthermore, many companies that would usually pay to have a boat in the Canal Parade or to organise a party cannot do so this year.

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