A Dutch man suspected of abducting, raping and murdering an eleven-year-old Romanian girl has committed suicide in Brabant by deliberately driving into a truck. 

Last Friday, Mihaela Fieraru did not come home from school. On Sunday, she was found dead in a field a few kilometers from her home town of Gura Sutii, not far from Bucharest. Before her body was found, Romanian police had found CCTV images of three cars with possible connections to the incident, one of which belonged to the Dutch man. He was questioned in Romania, but not arrested, because there were not yet sufficient grounds to arrest him. After that, the man went back to the Netherlands.

Search for the murderer

After the body of the Romanian girl was found, the hunt for the perpetrator began. The Dutch man was officially charged on Monday afternoon, and the Dutch police were informed that he might have returned to the Netherlands.

Suspect commits suicide

On Monday afternoon the man, 47 years old from Cuijk, committed suicide by deliberately driving into a truck on the Vegetasscheweg in Escharen in Brabant. The police chief in Romania has announced this on Romanian national television, and the Dutch Prosecution Service in East Brabant has confirmed it.

The truck turned over on the road, but the truck driver is unharmed.

Featured Image: Dickelbers/Wikipedia



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