Dutch cabinet may ditch curfew on April 28

After another confusing week of news about the easing of coronavirus measures, the Dutch government is feeling more positive about the road to recovery. Yesterday, the cabinet discussed the possibility of easing some measures in the Netherlands as of the end of April.

Finally some good news! Insiders in the Hague have reported that the cabinet feels more confident about the first step of their opening plan, according to RTL Nieuws.

This step includes abolishing curfew and making plans to open terraces and shops. Also from April 28, the Dutch cabinet may up the number of visitors allowed in your home from one to two people. (Woohoo! 🎉 )

Previously, the Dutch cabinet promised that the avondklok will be the first measure to go, and people are eager to see the back of it.

Even with the curfew pushed back an hour, many have been finding ways of being out past curfew without getting fined. Last week, it came out that there were a number of Whatsapp groups offering “insurance” against the curfew fine.

Current state of affairs is looking good

“Given the current state of affairs, it is now expected that the curfew can be abolished. The other three measures can be relaxed but under a number of conditions,” says RTL Nieuws political reporter, Fons Lambie.

Lambie warns that “this is the current state of affairs, it is still subject to change, so it is not final yet.” Yesterday, the Security Council of Mayors was consulted on these decisions.

However, the Dutch cabinet has the final say and whether or not easing can begin on April 28 will be decided on Tuesday. Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge will hold another press conference tomorrow evening to announce the cabinet’s decisions.

What do you think about the cabinet’s road to recovery? Do you think they will stick to it? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Connor Houtman/Unsplash

Chloe Lovatt 🇬🇧http://globeshuffler.wordpress.com
A British native, Chloe has a love for other languages and cultures, having lived in Spain before moving to the Netherlands. She is keen to explore the Dutch landscape, cultural spots and — the most important — food! After being here for a few months she already has developed a mild addiction to kibbeling.


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