Good Weather Incoming!

Is the good weather finally here? Could it be possible? I know, I know, the last few nights have been icy and cold (I don’t really, I was in Italy), but fear not, the sun is coming!

Thursday is predicted to have maximum temperatures around 20 degrees! Ok, so not that crazy, but it’s the Netherlands, and this is what passes for good weather apparently. On the brighter side, next week is expected to have maximum temperatures rise to 25 degrees. I mean, what more can a Dutchie ask for?

To the terraces!

A Mostly Dry Week Ahead

Weerplaza is even predicting that next week will be mostly rain-free. And I know what you’re thinking, “Holy Shit, bring out the beers, let’s hit up the terraces!”

Yes, exactly! Go out, enjoy the sun, it won’t last long. Rush recklessly to the nearest terrace and realize that the Dutch have been sitting there happily for three weeks now already because apparently 10 degrees and cloudy is good weather enough for them. 

I hear they call that shiny yellow thing the sun.

I don’t know what to do!

Is it your first time experiencing good weather in this country? Are you completely flabbergasted and entirely uncertain of how to handle this sudden upcoming change in climate? Well have no fear, DutchReview is doing it all can to make sure you make the most of the year’s 72 hours of sun. And if you’re in Amsterdam, make sure to check out the urban beaches scattered through town. 

Noah Bloem
Noah Bloem
Noah grew up in Dhaka, Jakarta, and New York City before finding his way to Rotterdam (and now back to New York again). Despite having recently snagged a bachelor’s degree at Erasmus University College, he is fully committed to postponing adulthood as long as possible.


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