Here are 5 more changes coming to the Netherlands on July 1

Every year, changes in laws and policies often take effect on July 1 — many of which have a big impact on our lives.

While some of these changes involve finances or public safety, there are other changes being made that aren’t necessarily forgiving to the wallet, according to Het Parool.

1. Smoke detectors are mandatory in every house

Starting this Friday, every floor of a house with a bedroom or living room must have a smoke detector installed on the ceiling.

Previously, you were allowed to decide if you wanted to install a smoke detector. Homes built after 2003 were already obligated to have smoke detectors, but this will apply to all homes in the Netherlands.

2. Influencers follow stricter Dutch media laws

Influencers and vloggers must make it clear when they’re advertising products for money. They’re also not allowed to extensively promote toys in videos aimed at children.

The new rules will apply to creators with more than 500,000 followers on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. A slight win for parents. 💪

3. Energy prices are STILL rising

Energy suppliers are going to raise the energy rates even more starting July 1. Depending on your provider, in the coming months, you might see an increase of between €20 to €90 in the price of your bill.

READ MORE | Dutch energy bills will rise yet again this July

4. Social sector rent can increase

Landlords in the social housing sector can increase rent by a maximum of 2.3% — but there’s no telling how much exactly rents will actually rise.

Housing associations can increase rent by €50 to €100 for people with higher incomes, as long as it falls within the maximum rent limit of the house.

5. Fines for people who drive unregistered agricultural vehicles

Drivers of unregistered agricultural and construction vehicles such as tractors can be fined €400. Until now, these vehicles could hit the road without a license plate.

The Dutch government installed a registration obligation on January 1, 2022 but added a leniency period of six months.

Farmers during this week’s protest could use the leniency period but chose to remove their license plates from their tractors as part of the protest.

Bonus: free library membership for those under 18

Anyone under the age of 18 can become a member of the library for free! Parents won’t have to worry about paying extra costs and kids get a place to work or study.

While we covered this in a previous article, it’s just so dang cool!

What do you think of the new changes coming on July 1? Tell us in the comments!

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Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Third culture kid Katrien has been working as a writer and editor at DutchReview for over two years, originally moving to the Netherlands as a tween. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in communication and media and a Master’s in political communication, she’s here to stay for her passion for writing, whether it’s current Dutch affairs, the energy market, or universities. Just like the Dutch, Katrien lives by her agenda and enjoys the occasional frietje met mayo — she just wishes she could grow tall, too.


  1. The government has neither the authority or right to order people to install smoke detectors in their own homes. This government is getting too intrusive into peoples lives and choices, first we had the nonsensical covid orders which did nothing to halt the virus and now this. People are entitled to decide for themselves want precautions to take against any threat.


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