We’ve waited all winter for some snow to fall. Besides some (chemical) snow in Limburg, it seemed as if we would go through this winter without seeing a snowflake.

And now, as we all anticipate spring and good weather to come, the Dutch weather pulls the ultimate bamboozle on us. Yep, last night it snowed through much of the country. And yes, a thin layer of snow means the infrastructure can’t handle it no more.

Slippery roads from the snow lead to car accidents

The rush hour has been a mess, and throughout last night there have also been traffic accidents, in places such as A27 in Oosterhout and the A59 in Made, RTL Nieuws reports.

Throughout last night, it snowed in-land, leading to what Buienradar described as a “white world“.  Children were out to play and have snowball fights, cars slipped on the road, and bicycle riders swore from underneath the hail. And of course, the snow won’t stay too long, so no worries if it is not your cup of tea.

Expect rain showers for the rest of the week

Miracles don’t last for long. Through the rest of the week, we’ll be having typical rain showers. There might still be a change for the occasional wet snow, but otherwise, we are back to the regular Dutch weather.

In the meantime, here’s a selection from our fans of the snow from last night:

snow in the Netherlands
Provided by Fabio on our Facebook group.
Provided by Raghu on our Facebook group.

Any more cool winter pics from yesterday? Leave them down below in the comments.


Feature Image: Raghu/Supplied


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