Nearly 1 million people sign a petition to get rid of the Dutch corona pass

Sick of showing a QR code when you’re out and about? You’re not alone. In recent days, more than 450,000 people signed a petition to abolish the use of the corona pass in the Netherlands — and the number of supporters is rising.

Echt? Yes! Another petition with the same goal received more than 385,000 signatures last Sunday, rounding that total number of supporters up to around 800,000 people. So how did this all begin?

Mona Keijzer of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) wrote a manifesto under the name Undistributed Open which argues against the use of the corona pass in HORECA, the cultural sector, airports, and more, reports the AD.

Cross-party support

The corona pass has been a controversial topic since its introduction during the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that people have strong opinions — and they’re uniting as a result.

Many politicians supported the petitions including Thierry Baudet from the Forum for Democracy (FvD) and Farid Azarkan from Think.

Many petitioners argue that the corona pass is less useful because the omicron variant is dominant in Europe. Petitioners believe that using the corona pass to enter venues doesn’t help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The resulting argument? It shouldn’t be used at all.

A breach of fundamental rights

Others say that the corona pass is a breach of freedom and privacy and shouldn’t be part of Dutch society, says RTL Nieuws.

Endorsers of the petition believe 1G, 2G, and 3G measures exclude and isolate unvaccinated citizens and increase polarisation among society.

Mona Keijzer hopes the government will reconsider the measures and remove the measures altogether.

What do you think of the petitions against the corona pass? Tell us in the comments. 👇

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Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Katrien Nivera 🇵🇭
Third culture kid Katrien is a Philippine native who’s been living in the Netherlands since she was a tween. One identity crisis and two university degrees later, she is here to stay for her passion in writing and journalism. Other than organising her life on Notion and the sticky notes app, Katrien is found nose-deep in a good book, button-mashing on her Nintendo Switch, or practicing scales on her flute.


  1. How did the author find 800k people? There’s likely a large overlap between people who signed the two petitions. Exaggerating the issue for clicks is some yellow journalism.


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