New round of COVID-19 shots from mid-September

To remain protected against the Coronavirus, everyone aged 12 and up will have the option to get another COVID-19 vaccination this fall.

But first, people in medical risk groups and health care personnel with patient contact will be invited for another dose of the vaccine.

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New wave possible

Although the worst peak(s) of COVID-19 seem to be behind us (knock on wood), the virus is still not eradicated, and measures must still be taken to deal with the virus.

As the Netherlands is preparing itself for another possible wave of COVID-19 this fall, strengthened protection on the individual as well as the public level is necessary.

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To curb the worst societal effects of a new wave, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) is therefore strongly recommending another round of vaccinations.

An extra dose can help protect those at risk and those who want the extra protection against serious illness and death.

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Juni Moltubak
Juni Moltubak
Juni moved to the Netherlands after realizing how expensive tuition fees in the UK are, and never regretted her choice of studying in The Hague. After three years of Political Science, she is ready for a new adventure — an internship at DutchReview! When you don’t see her typing on her laptop she can be found strolling around Haagse Bos or sitting in her lovely garden scrolling through interior design TikToks.


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