There will be a press conference regarding the rise in coronavirus cases this Thursday at 7 pm.

It has been announced by the RVD (Government Information Service) that Prime Minister Mark Rutte will give a press conference regarding the continuing rise of the coronavirus cases throughout the Netherlands. There has been much speculation concerning the implementation of new corona regulations, especially regarding travel and regional lockdown measures, such as the wearing of facemasks in certain areas of Amsterdam and Rotterdam

This follows the latest update by RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) which reports that the number of coronavirus cases has almost doubled in the past week with 2,500 people testing positive for the virus in the Netherlands.

Irma Sluis will not be present

Coronavirus in the Netherlands has also led to a rise in affection for sign language interpreter, Irma Sluis. However, a spokeswoman involved in the organisation of the press conference has told that “Irma is unfortunately not available” to interpret this Thursday.

Dit is 'niet hamsteren' in gebarentaal

Hoe schrijf je 'hamsteren' in gebarentaal? Gebarentolk Irma Sluis krijgt op social media veel lof voor haar vertaling van de persconferentie, en dan vooral voor deze passage. →

Geplaatst door NOS op Zondag 15 maart 2020


Sluis’ position as the sign language interpreter for many of the coronavirus press conferences (and particularly the way in which she signs the word ‘hoarding’, as seen above) has led to her becoming a known figure here in the Netherlands. It has been reported by that there will be two other interpreters covering the conference instead. One is known to be Corline Koolhof, and the other remains unknown. 


Will you be missing Irma Sluis like us? Let us know in the comments below! 

Feature Image: Still of Press Conference/DutchReview


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