Sunny days: bright weather on King’s Day in the Netherlands

It’s not long until terraces open, and there’s even more bright news for Koningsdag (literally). It promises to be a bright and sunny royal holiday in the Netherlands.

Despite the change to the usual celebrations for King’s Day, you can still enjoy a day off in the sun. We can expect dizzying highs of 17 degrees in the south of the country. Thomas Vermeulen of Buienradar tells RTL Nieuws “there is also not too much wind, which makes it quite pleasant.” ☀️

Supermoon on King’s Day

No, it’s not a crime-fighting vigilante-moon 😂 (although that would be cool). A supermoon is when the moon is about 17,000 miles closer to the earth than usual. Even if there are a few clouds, you will still able to spot this hella big moon on the evening of King’s Day.

Weather stays nice as terraces open

As the terraces open on Wednesday, we will finally be able to have those biertjes in the sun! It’s a pure stroke of luck, as it promises to be mild spring day on Wednesday. Highs of 16 degrees can be expected in parts of the country, with the odd bit of cloud hanging around.

Sadly the pleasant spring weather won’t last long, with temperatures dropping down to 10 degrees come Thursday. So get out those sunglasses and enjoy the national holiday while you can! 😎

What are your plans for a sunny King’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Valerie Elash/Unsplash

Chloe Lovatt
Chloe Lovatt
A British native, Chloe has a love for other languages and cultures, having lived in Spain before moving to the Netherlands. She is keen to explore the Dutch landscape, cultural spots and — the most important — food! After being here for a few months she already has developed a mild addiction to kibbeling.


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