Supermarkets will implement stronger measures to protect employees and customers

Anyone who has been in an Albert Heijn this past couple of days might have noticed that not everyone is respecting the rules of social distancing properly.

Not only that but the fact that people were crowding in parks and beaches is what lead to the new governmental measures to be taken. Supermarkets will also implement further changes in order to comply with the new measures.

Stricter measures in supermarkets

For starters, there is now a limit on the number of customers allowed in supermarkets, reports NOS. The new rule is that supermarkets need to have at most one customer per 10 square meters, thus ensuring that they can safely respect the rule of distancing of 1.5 metres.

The number of shopping baskets has been limited. In larger supermarkets, it is mandatory to now use a shopping cart, while in smaller ones without carts, shopping baskets must be used.

If the maximum number of customers has been reached and you can no longer enter the supermarket, do not worry. Once a customer leaves, you can then go in. Expect queues to form, however, at certain supermarkets due to this.

The following measures were taken to prevent the potential of contracting the virus for both the employees of supermarkets and the customers.

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Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad Moca-Grama
Vlad was born and raised in Brasov, Romania and came to the Hague to study. When he isn't spending time missing mountains or complaining about the lack of urban exploration locations in the Netherlands, you can find him writing at Dutch Review.


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