NS will trial selling advertising space on the notification screens in each train. Now, instead of knowing which stop is next, you may be tempted to purchase chewing gum instead. 

The advertising will be shown on the information screens in each train carriage. According to NOS, the screens have proven highly desirable for advertisers.

“The screens in the train are a sought-after place, but the advertising must fit in with our policy and with the travel experience,” said an NS spokesperson.

NS has cautioned that only advertising that fits their “brand” will be shown. “No ads about explicit things, but ads that appeal to a large group of people,” continued the spokesperson.

Gotta be frank, ads that appear on trains that appeal to us are, well, no ads at all.

However, NS assures that travel information will always be the priority for their passengers.

What can we expect?

The trial will begin next month in 137 of more than 400 intercity trains. At the end of the year, Dutch Railways will investigate how travellers have been affected by the new advertising.


It’s the latest in an increasing encroachment of advertising into the public space. Given the price of train tickets, we were hoping this area could remain advertising free. Let’s hope a Ryan Airways approach isn’t next.

Could this be the future of NS? Image: Ruthann from Western Ireland on Wikimedia. CC 2.0.

NS has remained quiet so far on what the extra money will go towards. Here at DutchReview we have our fingers crossed for some more timely trains, better air-conditioning, or, god bless, cheaper tickets! Ah, a website can dream, right?

What do you think about the new advertising on trains? Should NS pocket the money, or pass on the cash? Let us know in the comments below!


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