A 28-year-old train conductor was attacked last night after he asked passengers travelling without face masks and tickets to get off at the next stop. 

When asked to disembark, the passengers became confrontational and circled around the conductor. One passenger spat in his face.

Once the train arrived at the next stop, Haarlem Spaarnwoude, the conductor disembarked along with the passengers. Three of the suspects then began to assault him on the platform.

Its is reported that the victim was head-butted, beaten and threatened before the suspects fled the scene. Police were able to arrest the suspects and take them to the station for questioning.

The suspects include three youths from Amsterdam aged 17, 18 and 23, and one 18-year-old suspect from Voorst.

Enforcing corona measures

A similar event occurred on Tuesday when a bus driver was left with missing teeth after being assaulted for asking a passenger to wear a mask.

As coronavirus cases continue to increase throughout the Netherlands, Dutch residents and retailers have been left confused by the government’s regulations surrounding face masks.


Many supermarkets, for example, do not want to ask their employees to ask customers to wear a face mask as they would have to deal with the potential backlash.

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Feature Image: Alp Ancel/Unsplash


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