After weeks of Dutch summer with showers and clouds, it seems that the weather gods have finally smiled favourably on the Netherlands.

Later this week, tropical air coming from Spain will bring temperatures of up to 30 degrees in some areas of the Netherlands, Weerplaza reports.

Last week’s weather forecast predicted that we will have to wait until mid-August for some sweet summer weather. However, as we’ve already gotten used to, expect the unexpected when it comes to weather in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Starting from today the temperature will gradually rise across the country. There are still chances for some localized showers today and tomorrow, but overall, both the temperature and the sun will be ever more present this week.

By the weekend, the tropical air from Spain will reach our shores. Friday and Saturday might have temperatures of up to 30 degrees in the south-east of the country. While we’re at it with good weather, check out some beaches to go to in the Netherlands.

Throwback to last year’s 40 degrees

A year ago, for two days, there were 40 degrees in the Netherlands, a record for the time. A thermometer in Deelen rose to a temperature hard to believe for the Netherlands, 42.9 degrees Celsius. It is not yet certain if the temperature really went that high, as another thermometer nearby registered 39 degrees. Research into the issue will hopefully bring an answer by winter, reports NOS.

By comparison, this summer has been comparatively mild. Nevertheless, meteorologists note that even if there are still just four weeks of summer to go, we cannot really anticipate what will happen and that the weather can change suddenly.


Do you think we’ll have a heatwave similar to last year this summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image: ny_sonseca/Pixabay


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