The Dutch winter wonderland is (hopefully) on its way! And, so are these magical pictures of the snowy Netherlands.

Every time snow falls in the Netherlands it completely paralyzes the country with people either stuck in traffic or simply gazing at all the prettiness and funny business going on. It’s even set traffic jam records of over 1000 kilometres!

Now it’s about time we fulfilled our other duty namely bringing you all those delicious pictures of the Dutch winter wonderland!

Dutch winter wonderland time!

So we scoured all through Instagram and asked you to send your best pics of the Dutch winter wonderland to us. We got tagged, inboxed, mail-pigeoned, telegrammed and commented on so much that it made us a bit shy – thank you guys! DutchReview readers are just the best! Sadly we couldn’t all post them (our servers would die on us).

Let’s just get to the good stuff now:

Dutch winter Wonderland
By our very own Kristy Atkinson!

Here’s a magical picture by our very own Ceren Spuyman:


And this absolute banger by Vincent Mullenders of course, the Dutch winterwonderland doesn’t get any better than this!

For more snowy magic from the Netherlands make sure that you’re following our instagram:

And if you’re thinking that a snowy day in the Netherlands is crazy stuff, then wait till you see what we’ll do with NYE:

Have you seen snow in the Netherlands? Was it the winter wonderland you were dreaming of? Let us know in the comments below!



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