7 destinations for a romantic camping getaway in France

The hustle and bustle of life can take its toll on any relationship. Nevertheless, there’s no better way to reignite that spark than by doing it like the Dutch and going camping in one of the most romantic places in the world — France! 🇫🇷

For years on end, camping in France has been a popular pastime amongst the Dutch, so much so that they’ll pounce at any opportunity to be in touch with nature and soak up the joie de vivre. 

The country is particularly known for its camping-friendly culture, but it also exudes a romantic atmosphere like no other. 

It’s no surprise, then, that it makes for the perfect place to spice up your relationship and cling to your loved one under the stars. ⭐

Sold? Here are seven destinations for a romantic camping getaway in France.

1. Campsite Château des Marais — for those who deserve only the best

Can you say, “aquatic paradise”? Image: Sandaya

Located just footsteps away from the elegant Loire River in the department of Loir-et-Cher, Château des Marais is a five-star campsite that welcomes families of any size with open arms. 

Quiet and quaint, this luxurious campsite is stationed in the midst of the beautiful Centre-Loire valley, surrounded by vast greenery, vineyards, and gothic Cathedrals. It’s perfect for long walks in the fresh air and romantic picnics with breathtaking views. 

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Parents can treat themselves to the many spa facilities the campsite offers, from saunas to bubble baths, while the kids make good use of their own aquatic paradise, with heated outdoor pools and water slides.

You can discover the historical treasures and cultural heritage of the Loire valley through a tour — and an added bonus? The campsite’s many accessible biking paths allow Dutchies to feel more at home. 🚲

2. Campsite Escale Saint-Gilles — for those who want a taste of the beachside

Camping with a view of the beach? Umm, yes please! Image: Sandaya

The beach bums and sea lovers of the world will no doubt have to camp at Escale Saint-Gilles in the idyllic department of Finistère at least once in their lives. 

Based in the region of Brittany (northwest of France), this campsite is encompassed by picturesque coastlines, medieval towns, and magical nature parks, making it the perfect seaside holiday destination.

It’s also within walking distance to La Pointe Saint Gilles beach, which means Dutchies can experience the simplicity of camping, all the while enjoying a superb holiday and lazing under the sun with sand beneath their feet.

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Tickle your senses with an aquatic park that spans about 1,000 square metres wide and holds all sorts of activities for you to indulge in, from waterslides to heated swimming pools and aquagyms. 

However, no vacation away from home is complete without a good amount of self-care. Luckily, Escale Saint-Gilles boasts a number of spa facilities, like saunas and massages, bringing you and your partner all the downtime you need. 💆

3. Campsite La Ribeyre — for those who seek a peaceful break in wild nature

A romantic camping getaway in France isn’t complete without a good dose of nature. Image: Sandaya

Based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, a region in southeast-central France, La Ribeyre is the go-to campsite if you and your partner want a break away from the stress of everyday life and let romance take its place. 

Settle down in a fully-equipped cottage that sits at an altitude of 800 metres and admire all the simple, earthly pleasures of the great outdoors.

Since the campsite is situated between the Massif du Sancy and Lake Chambon, it also includes everyday sights like the 80 volcanoes of the Puys chain and countless mountain lakes. ⛰️

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The French zen-esque vibes don’t stop there, though. There’s also a private lake, a heated swimming pool, and a bunch of calm sporting activities to enjoy. 

Nonetheless, if you’re up for something with a little more action, you can also learn the ways of beach volleyball, tennis, paddling, or canoeing in the campsite’s vicinity.

📍 The location: Jassat, 63790 Murol, France

4. Campsite Les Alicourts — for those who need time to regenerate

This campsite offers a great and much-needed escape into the wilderness. Image: Sandaya

Hedged in by the thriving wildlife of the Sologne region, Les Alicourts is a five-star tranquil camping site perfect for anyone seeking to unwind and disconnect from the rest of the world. 

The green landscape that engulfs this place is so breathtaking and gives off a delightful ambience that’s sure to give any couple a much-needed romantic boost. 

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Dutchies can take pleasure in all the water facilities this lush estate has to offer, from supersized aquatic parks to heated indoor and outdoor pools. It also has a beautiful lake with a sandy beach for guaranteed leisure time.

Treat yourself to stress-busting massages and beauty treatments at the resort’s spa — but if you prefer to mellow out in the open air, you can also hop on a bike and explore the treasures of the countryside. 🌾

5. Campsite Domaine Le Midi — for those who want the perfect couples retreat

Romantic vibes don’t get better than this camping getaway in France! Image: Sandaya

On the island of Noirmoutier in the Vendée, located in Pays de la Loire, a region in the west of France, you can enjoy a romantic camping getaway at Domaine Le Midi amid beautiful sandy beaches, vast greenery, and hilly dunes. 

What makes a stay at this campsite truly worthwhile is the very fact that you can wake up each morning to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and can indulge in a classic, French-style breakfast with a view of the Atlantic ocean. 🥐

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Dutchies and internationals alike can rest assured in knowing their passion for sailing can certainly be fulfilled here. The camp boasts a nearby sailing school, and there’s a huge pool of water sporting activities to dive right into.

A quick 10-minute walk away from the resort will also bring you to the centre of the village Barbâtre, where you can stop to munch on some freshly baked croissants and delicious baguettes from the local supermarket. 

6. Campsite Chateaux Dans Les Arbres — for those who want a tree-top holiday

Dutch couples who camp in France together, stay together. Image: Depositphotos

There’s nothing quite as intimate as curling up in a secluded sanctuary amongst nature with your loved one, and Chateau Dans Les Arbres is sure to bring any couple that seventh-heaven feeling.

Located in the old town of Bergerac, this place offers treehouse cabins (yes, treehouse cabins!) that each come fully equipped with comfortable beds, bubbly jacuzzis, climatised pools, and an abundant breakfast at your doorstep every morning.

It’s an excellent choice for a luxurious weekend retreat surrounded by fauna and flora, where you can focus on enjoying each other’s company. 🌼

7. Campsite Maison Flottante: Baurech Insolite — for those who want to camp in luxury

One of the luxuries? Take as many hikes in the woods as you want. Image: Freepik

Nicely nestled in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, these floating houseboats fit the bill of being both rustic and secluded to the T. 

We’re talking snug evenings by a burning campfire, afternoon hikes in the woods, and night dips in the hot tub under a sky full of stars.

It sits on top of Lake Baurech and is in the heart of nature, where you won’t have to worry about responsibilities or distractions, so in other words, it’s the perfect recipe for romance!

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Each houseboat comes with a fancy kitchen, a homey living room, a luxurious bathroom, a stellar bedroom, and a terrace that features a gorgeous view of the still lake. Now, doesn’t that just sound like heaven on earth? 🤩 

In France, romantic vibes are pretty much everywhere. That being said, there are so many other destinations you can choose from for the perfect romantic camping getaway in the country.

Whether you’re looking to venture out into the great outdoors with your partner or embark on a camping escapade with your little ones, it’s the perfect solution for a weekend trip away or a short holiday that’s not too far from the Netherlands.

Have you ever gone on a romantic camping getaway in France with your partner? If so, what was your experience? 👇

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Gaelle Salem
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