Best weed in Amsterdam: Coffeeshops and cannabis guide 2024

The best bud 🌿

Choosing the best strain of weed in Amsterdam can be a complicated ordeal — especially for a newcomer to the Netherlands or the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene.

After all, with so many coffeeshops to go to, what should you consider when shopping?

We’ve been smoking weed from Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops for years. Here are some of our favourite weed strains in Amsterdam in 2024, perfect for both first-timers and cannabis-connoisseurs.

Remember, like any substance, weed needs to be consumed responsibly and with care. Be mature, consume in moderation and have a good trip! 🍀

🙋‍♂️ What weed should I order in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam?

There’s much to consider when choosing your ideal weed in Amsterdam. Do you want an uplifting high, suited for some outdoor activities, or something more chill, well-suited for watching some TV shows?

What mood you’re in is also important. Depending on what you smoke, you may amplify that mood — or go in a completely different direction.

Here are our top picks that we found on our “trip.” 😉

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😶‍🌫️ Amazing Haze from Coffeeshop Boerejongens

This weed is surprisingly delicious to smoke. Image: DutchReview

Let’s start this off with one of my favourites: Amsterdam Sloterdijk’s great Coffeeshop Boerejongens

Here, we recommend you give Amazing Haze a go. This classic Amsterdam weed walks the line between fruity and sweet with a hint of caramel. It also has a delicious aroma and 24% THC. 

As a Caramella and Amnesia Haze crossbreed, it will give you an energetic high and a real energy boost — ideal for exploring the streets of Amsterdam during the day or topping off your night. 

This isn’t what you might expect from a Dutch coffeeshop. Image: Supplied

With 60% sativa and 40% indica, Amazing Haze is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.

The Boerejongens Sloterdijk location is luxurious, and the staff are knowledgeable and quick to help (as well as elegantly dressed). There are three Boerejongens coffeeshops in Amsterdam, so you can take your pick!

☘️ Strain: Amazing Haze
💨 Type of high:
Euphoric, cerebral, relaxed, creative
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop Boerejongens Sloterdijk, Humberweg 2, 1043 AC Amsterdam

🍫 AK Choco Kush from Coffeeshop Amsterdam

This bud is pure Amsterdam. Image: DutchReview

Coffeeshop Amsterdam is an Amsterdam classic. It’s a cool coffeeshop, and not too far away from Amsterdam Central Station either. 

The strain of choice here is AK Choco Kush — a nod to the blend of the infamous AK-47 strain and the delicious White Choco strain. 

In this happy family, you get some real potency that will have you feeling high fast. Meanwhile, the White Choco brings delicious chocolate aromas to the table. 

It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s heel lekker!

With 80% indica and 20% sativa, smoking this will make you feel chill — like you want to sink into a couch for hours on end. 

photo of inside of Coffeeshop Amsterdam
This beautiful spot, the Coffeeshop Amsterdam Cafe, needs people in it. Image: Supplied

If you choose to smoke it at Coffeeshop Amsterdam, you can not only enjoy the delicious weed, but also refreshing drinks and a chat or two with the great dudes behind the counter.

Around the corner here on Singel 8, you will also find their ultimate smoke lounge: Coffeeshop Amsterdam Café, where you can smoke cannabis and drink a good cocktail, beer or coffee!

☘️ Strain: AK Choco Kush
💨 Type of high:
Tingly, creative, and relaxed
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam

🎨 Tangie Haze from Coffeeshop Noord 

A classy new coffeeshop just across Amsterdam’s IJ, Coffeeshop Noord is where you can snag some delicious Tangie Haze

Now that’s an interior! Image: Supplied

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its vibrant mix of sweet, citrusy tastes and earthy notes.

As any good Sativa should, Coffeeshop Noord’s Tangie Haze provides you with an enjoyable energetic buzz — a high perfectly suited for all your creative endeavours.

☘️ Strain: Tangie Haze
💨 Type of high: Energetic, creative
📍 Where to get it: Coffeeshop Noord, Ooievaarsweg 10, 1021 GZ Amsterdam

🤖 C5 Pioneer from Tweede Kamer

C5 Pioneer will make you feel like you’re a kid in a candy store. Image: DutchReview

Your next pitstop should be Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer. No, we don’t mean the House of Representatives in The Hague, but the one and only coffeeshop in Amsterdam. 

This time, the choice of strain is the C5 Pioneer. This strong sativa, whose name suggests some sort of high-end electric device, will certainly get you, well, high.

The postage stamp logo of this place is iconic. Image: DutchReview

It’s 65% Sativa and 35% Indica and is certainly a hazy strain to consider.

C5 Pioneer has a smooth, sweet and sour taste and it will give you a strong head high, bringing up your creative spirits. Consume in moderation, as this is one of the stronger strains out there.

☘️ Strain: C5 Pioneer
💨 Type of high:
Strong, creative head high
📍 Where to get it:
Tweede Kamer, Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam

🍊 Kosher Tangie Kush from Coffeeshop DNA

photo of gift box of weed, hash, grinder, and papers at DNA Coffeeshop Amsterdam
A true definition of a (stoner) goodie box. Image: DutchReview

Last but certainly not least, we recommend Coffeeshop DNA near the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam South. 

Here, our top pick would have to be the Kosher Tangie Kush. This is a fairly new strain of weed, specifically the tangerine part, as the Kosher Kush is pretty old-school. 

Good weed? Yes, please! Decent folks working there too. Image: Supplied

The nice piece of this strain is its combination of orange citrus flavours combined with a wonderful earthy aroma: smells like summer and knocked me out and over for a nice summer night — not drowsy, not paranoid, just nice and chill.

Coffeeshop DNA also sells some of the best edibles in Amsterdam and has some great ganja paraphernalia — we picked up a little grinder and a spacecake bar with pistachio flavour too.

☘️ Strain: Kosher Tangie Kush
💨 Type of high:
📍 Where to get it:
Coffeeshop DNA, Achillesstraat 104, 1076 RH Amsterdam

🏆 Honourable mentions for best weed and coffeeshops in Amsterdam

You can’t sum up all the great weed strains and coffeeshops in just one article. Nevertheless, there are some honourable mentions that you should consider smoking out.

🍋 Lemon Kush from Coffeeshop The Stud

The first honourable mention goes to Coffeeshop The Stud. Here, you can find some great Lemon Kush, a hybrid strain that is a mix between Lemon G and Afghani Kush.

This strain offers a citrus explosion with a zesty lemon flavour that’ll have your taste buds dancing. And as for the high? Prepare for a dreamy euphoria that’s perfect for relaxing after a long day.

🧀 Big Buddha Cheese from Coffeeshop Sensemillia

The second honourable mention goes to Coffeeshop Sensemillia and their Big Buddha Cheese weed — what a name, right? This strain has become a crowd favourite — even winning the 2006 Cannabis Cup in the Indica category.

It’s a bud that will tantalise your senses, tasting like a tropical island mixed with some funky cheese. Perfect for an uplifting, happy, and creative high while you look out over Osdorp Lake, where the coffeeshop is situated.

🌫️ White Choco Haze from Coffeeshop Relax

The third honourable mention is for Coffeeshop Relax. Here you’ll get the sativa White Choco Haze.

Mixed between White Choco and Mexican Haze, the flavour is melon-like with a hint of chocolate, giving you a strong creative head high.

🧙‍♀️ Green Magic from Coffeeshop BIJ

Coffeeshop BIJ, a local’s favourite just beyond Amsterdam’s rings, is home to Green Magic: a weed strain that lives up to its name.

It’s a true delight for the senses, with its vibrant green colour, earthy aroma, and subtle hints of sweetness. But it’s not just a pretty face — Green Magic is a powerhouse of cannabis goodness. Made up of a balanced blend of sativa and indica, this strain gives you a well-rounded high that’s perfect for exploring Amsterdam’s outer streets. 

Let the magic of Green Magic take you on a journey to another world. Image: DutchReview

🍓 Strawberry Haze from Coffeeshop Siberië

Coffeeshop Siberië has to be one of my favourite Amsterdam coffeeshops, so I couldn’t help but give it a spot here as well. There’s no question of what to order here: Strawberry Haze

This sativa will have you feeling an uplifting, chatty, and energetic high, thanks to its sweet strawberry flavour. 🍓

⌚️ Rollex OG Kush from Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje

Finally, we’ll give an honourable mention to Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje’s Rollex OG Kush. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid created from a mix of White Fire OG and Kuchi. 

The flavour is complex, ranging from a skunky pine flavour with cheesy overtones. The effect is an uplifting creative buzz that borders on psychedelic, so consume responsibly.

🌱 Want to find the right strain for you? Ask your budtenders

Though my favourite weed strains are undoubtedly am-hazing (😉), your taste might be different from mine.

So, if you want to find the strain that’s perfect for you, I recommend you ask your budtender, your friendly local Amsterdam weed expert.

Your budtender will happily help you out — it’s their job! Image: Unsplash

If you haven’t heard of a budtender, they’re like bartenders — except they sell weed. 

While it might sometimes feel like you have to be a weed aficionado when walking into an Amsterdam coffeeshop, that’s not true. Amsterdam coffeeshops are used to tourists, newbies, and even weed pros asking questions. 

If you’re not sure what kind of weed you want, just walk into any high-quality Amsterdam coffeeshop and ask the budtender for advice. Tell them about the high you want, and let them make a recommendation. After all, they’re the pros!

🤔 What else do you need to know about smoking in the Netherlands?

Now that you’ve secured your weed, there might be some other questions you have about smoking weed in Amsterdam. So, let’s answer them.

What’s the difference between indica or sativa weed strains?

The division between indica and sativa is probably the most well-known indicator in your navigation through the many different sorts of weed there are out there at the many Amsterdam coffeeshops.

Indicas are generally thought to give you a more relaxing body high, well-suited for indoor activities, chilling, and watching TV shows. Sativas, on the other hand, give you an uplifting, cerebral high, perfect for creative activities or more outdoorsy stuff.

Which one do you prefer? Image: DutchReview

Now, this division is not necessarily true when it comes to effects, and it’s more of a general indicator than anything else. 

There can be Sativas that get you high in a way that feels like an Indica, and the other way around. It’s best to try out different strains and see which one works for you and your needs.

It’s also important to note that there is no such thing as pure Sativa or Indica strain. All of them are a mix and contain a bit of both types. Some strains are specific hybrids that balance out the percentages.

What’s the difference between weed and hash?

Time to clarify some differences when it comes to the magical cannabis plant. Weed and hash might be different things on paper, but they are similar in the sense that they both are made from cannabis and contain THC, the psychoactive substance present that gets you high.

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The difference is how they are produced — and the highs they give.

Hashish famously comes in a compressed block like this one. Image: DutchReview

While weed will give you more of that classical stoner buzz, hash will give you a milder high. Because of that, it’s preferred by people looking to smoke but also engage in some sort of upbeat activity.

How do you roll a joint?

Now, let’s get to what is arguably the most important aspect of smoking weed: learning how to roll a joint. You’ll need two essential ingredients: The filter tip and the paper itself.

Before beginning, make sure the side with glue is facing your way. Trust me, there is nothing worse than rolling a joint and realising you put the paper backwards. 

When it comes to rolling joints, practice makes perfect. Image: Depositphotos

You’ll first need to make the filter tip. To start, make a few folds at the end of your filter, but try not to crease the paper when you’re folding it.

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You can use as many folds as you like, but most people simply make an “M” or a “V” shape with the filter tip. Once your folds are made, just roll the remaining filter material around the folded part. And ta-da: You have a filter!

Now, put your filter at the end of your rolling paper, add your tobacco-weed mix, and roll it into your joint. It may take you a few tries and YouTube tutorials to get there, but trust me; you’ve got this!

🌩️ Help, I’m having a bad trip in Amsterdam!

As with any substance, bad trips can happen. The important thing is always to remember that you are feeling the way you are because you’ve simply consumed too much weed — and your trip will pass.

Before smoking, make sure you are in a comfortable, familiar, and homely setting alongside people you trust. These two elements are very important for having a good trip.

If you do decide to smoke weed and you find yourself feeling very anxious and panicked, try not to amplify that feeling further.

Ask your friends to comfort you, drink plenty of water and have some snacks. If you can, try taking a nap. The effect should subside after about two hours, so don’t worry that you’ll feel like that for a long time.

Another important thing to consider is that beyond Sativa or Indica considerations, weed will usually amplify what you already are.

So, for example, if you are a very sociable person, smoking weed will amplify that feeling even further. If you are a naturally anxious and introspective person, weed may amplify those feelings too, in a way that could make you even more anxious.

If you’ve reached the end of this article, you should be fully equipped to embark on your Amsterdam weed journey. Enjoy it!

Feeling like you want to get high but don’t necessarily want to smoke your weed? In that case, check out our guide to edibles, find out about truffles, or discover all you need to know about CBD oil.

Have you smoked any of the strains on the list? What do you think is the best weed in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Can tourists still buy from coffee shops in Amsterdam? I’m desperate to reignite my bi-yearly trips soon and whilst I’d still come as the people, culture and history are awesome I’d by lying if I said wouldn’t be a bit disappointed if not.

  2. Honorable mention- De Kade on Stadionkade had EXCELLENT baked goodies, flower, great people, vibes and merch. By far my favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam.


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