The flying Dutchies! 8 marvelous things about the Dutch and their bikes

Once on their fiets (bikes), the Dutch own the road and how! It’s really amazing to watch (and possibly the worst mistake to stand in their way!) Here are the 8 most amazing superhero things Dutch (effortlessly) do when it comes to biking.
Let’s just face it, no one can ride a bike like the way the Dutch can! Biking gives the Dutch the power to do what we lesser mortals can only dream of. They don’t need Lamborghinis or Ferraris!

#1 On the bike, all dressed up

Dutchies ride their bikes everywhere – no exceptions. Going to a wedding dressed in their finery on a bike? Of course! Because who said a bike can’t do what a car can.

#2 Cycling the dog

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The Dutch really like to maximize their me-time. So they have their very own version of walking the dog – cycle the dog! The smaller ones are made to sit in the front basket or have an extended cord, and while the owner cycles while the baby sits behind.

#3 One bike is never enough

Echt serieus!  The Dutch own bikes like farmers own cows! You can easily find more bikes in a house than the actual number of family members! A Dutch family has two city bikes, one racer bike, one kinder (child) and one bike for oma (grand-mother) because she’s quite the star on a bike at 80 too!

#4 Bikes should be pretty too

Dutchies and their fancy bikes!

The number of accessories that the Dutch spend on their bikes is jaw-dropping. Dutch bikes are equivalent to ‘Batman’s Batmobile’ and come fully equipped with everything from a storm umbrella, basket, grocery bags, bottle holder, extra lights, special lights, baby carrier and phone holder. The list is endless. They even accessorize their bikes when the weather changes in the spring and summer to celebrate!

So when something is so dear to your heart and wallet you lock it up! You will find on an average at least 2-3 locks on an average Amsterdammers bike! Here’s another fun fact, the locks on a bike cost half as much as the bike itself!

#5 Breeding the next generation of biking champions

While the Japanese create ninja’s and samurai’s as the folk legends say, to me, the Dutch are not far behind. I often see Dutch parents in the park, encouraging their toddlers who can barely waddle, to ride bikes of their own! I honestly think Dutch kids learn how to bike before they walk!

#6 Texting on the bike

The Dutch should seriously coin a name for this one, they make it look like the norm as they showcase effortless balance biking while texting, even in their high heels, jackets or corporate wear! That’s despite a ban on using a smartphone while cycling coming into place earlier this year.

#7 Tandem Biking

Date a Dutchie and you will always be his/her second love after the bike of course! I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea of a fun date with a Dutchie would be on a tandem bike because forget the third wheel… not!

#8 Bike Fisherman

Biking has also created a new division of secretly operating professionals called Bike Fisherman. Yeap, that’s an actual profession here in the Netherlands. As weird as it sounds. After a hard night of partying, especially after an Ajax game or New Years a huge number of bikes end up in canals – and someone has to get them out!

What do you think is the most amazing thing about Dutchies on their bikes? Let us know in the comments below!

Sapna Jhuremalani
Sapna Jhuremalani
Sapna is a communications & content marketing professional. A free spirited dreamer bitten by wanderlust , with the desire to give culture one big hug! On a quest to explore and find hidden gems and capture them all on her lens!


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