15 delicious vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

Being vegan in any city can be tricky. Trying to find the best spots for breakfast, dinner, or even where to pick up a quick wrap to eat on the go turns into quite the challenge — but not when you’re looking for vegan food in Amsterdam.

All your problems are about to be solved if you’ve come across this handy little article. We’ve compiled some great vegan restaurants to satisfy every vegan’s craving! 😜

From cheesecakes to pink (yes, pink!) burgers, there’s so much Amsterdam can offer in terms of vegan cuisine.

1. Head to the Vegan Junk Food Bar for guaranteed satisfaction

At the Vegan Junk Food Bar, you’ll have a litany of options for a filling vegan meal. From burgers just oozing with tasty toppings to some classic ‘dirty fries’, this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam is sure to leave you full — and raving back to your friends! 🍔

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With three locations in Amsterdam, you’re sure to find a free table. We’d recommend coming in the early evening, or try to avoid peak dinner times, as these guys don’t take reservations. 

Be careful; one location is alcohol-free, so if you want a glass of red with your meal, make sure you know which one you’re headed to! 🍷

🍔Location(s): Three locations in Amsterdam
📞How to book: No reservations here! It’s first come, first served!
Price Range: Mid-range

2. Check out Flower Burger for some pinktastic food

In the mood for some good-looking vegan food? 

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Well, Flower Burger has so much to offer. With lots of surprisingly coloured burgers, (think pink, purple and even green!) this vegan restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam can offer not only a yummy meal but also an aesthetically pleasing dish. 😍

Set in a relaxed dining setting, you can order at the counter and get an automated tag that beeps once your food is ready — perfect for those of us who want a chill evening out in the Dutch capital.

🍔Location(s): Hartenstraat 29H, 1016 CA Amsterdam
📞How to book: No reservations
Price Range: Affordable

3. Satisfy your pumpkin soup cravings at SOIL Vegan Café!

Exclusively serving vegan-only food, SOIL Vegan Café offers warm bowls and burgers with a focus on seasonal foods. 

A restaurant that is determined to reduce its environmental impact, everything served here is locally sourced, with 90% of products made in-house. 🥳

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And, with more than just one vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, you’ll have better luck in nabbing a table on a Friday night. 

🍔Location(s): Two locations in Amsterdam
📞How to book: Book online between the hours of 5 PM to 8.30 PM
Price Range: Mid-range

4. Tantalise your tastebuds at TerraZen Centre

Enjoy some Japanese and Caribbean food at the TerraZen centre. Image: @terrazencentre/Instagram

Specialising in a mix of Japanese and Caribbean cuisine, this vegan joint in Amsterdam is as vibey as they come. 

Take a seat at their low-lying table before the window, cross your legs and dig in. For a taste of something new, and wonderfully sweet, we’d recommend you try their vegan spring rolls! Rather than the usual taste you might expect, these guys have a bit of a sweet-and-sour tang. 🤯

Just be aware that they close for two hours between 3 PM to 5 PM! 

🍔Location(s): Sint Jacobsstraat 19HS, 1012 NC Amsterdam
📞How to book: Give them a ring, or just wander in!
Price Range: Mid-range

5. Take a walk to Wok to Walk!

Just one example of the many Wok to Walks in Amsterdam city. Image: Depositphotos

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly bite to eat on the go in Amsterdam, Wok to Walk is the spot for you. 

Order at the counter for egg-free noodles, and enjoy your own choice between various vegetables and sauces. The teriyaki is always a win in our books! 🍜

There are usually a few free spots to sit inside, though the restaurants tend to be quite small. We’d recommend grabbing your noodles and heading to a nearby park!

🍔Location(s): Six wonderful locations in Amsterdam
📞How to book: No reservations here!
Price Range: Affordable

6. Grab a grubby dinner at Vegan Temple Bar

Specialising in yummy vegan burgers and finger food, this is the place to go for a meal that will leave you feeling full but wanting more. 🤤

And, no, you haven’t found your way to Dublin’s famed Temple Bar if you head here — you can be assured this vegan restaurant in Amsterdam is actually in the Dutch capital after all! 🇳🇱

🍔Location(s): Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 17, 1017 NE Amsterdam
📞How to book: Reserve online
Price Range: Mid-range

7. Discover ramen in a way you’ve never seen before at Men Impossible

Grab a steaming bowl of yummy ramen at Men Impossible! Image: @menimpossible/Instagram

Are you a fan of ramen? Men Impossible brings vegan ramen to a whole new level, so if you’ve been craving some good noodles, this is the place to go! 🥢

Also, be sure to check out their set menus for an easy choice with lots of different foods to please those greedy tastebuds. 

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There are two things to remember when choosing to go here; book ahead, as these guys don’t do walk-ins, and if you want to bring more than two people to dinner, you’ll have to send them an email to request a larger table. 🚶‍♀️🚫

🍔Location(s): Hazenstraat 19H, 1016 SM Amsterdam
📞How to book: Reserve online
Price Range: High-end

8. Meet all your sustainable needs at Little Plant Pantry

Little Plant Pantry is Amsterdam’s first plastic-free shop. Here you can shop for all your sustainable goods to your heart’s content — and enjoy a delicious vegan meal!  

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With a vegan restaurant inside, you can get some lunch, such as a delicious soup to keep you full and warm, or grab a sweet slice of banana bread.

Made from ingredients found in the shop, you can even try to recreate the meals at home. 

🍔Location(s): Bosboom Toussaintstraat 45-H, 1054 AN Amsterdam
📞How to book: Walk-ins only
Price Range: Mid-range

9. Enjoy some ‘sashimi’ at Vegan Sushi Bar

Are you a sushi fanatic? Us too!

While vegan restaurants serving sushi can be a little hard to find, you’re sure to discover something you’ll love at the Vegan Sushi Bar in Amsterdam. 

The first vegan sushi restaurant in the Netherlands, they are making active efforts to improve the world we live in. 

From donating profits to ocean-cleaning charities and organising river and beach clean-ups, the founders of Vegan Sushi Bar really care about our little Earth. 🌎❤

And need we say, their food is delightful!

🍔Location(s): Kinkerstraat 83, 1053 DH Amsterdam
📞How to book: Book online, or walk in! 
Price Range: High end

10. Check out De Peper for a feel of real Dutch culture

A restaurant hidden inside 0T301, a cultural centre for everything arts, De Peper is an amazing vegan restaurant in Amsterdam that offers some real gourmet vegan meals. 

Go raving back to your friends, and maybe even join them after dinner for drinks and a second rave inside OT301’s club.

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De Peper is open exclusively on Sundays, so make sure you get there between 7 PM and 8.30 PM. 

🍔Location(s): Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
📞How to book: Call ahead! 
Price Range: Mid-range

11. Satisfy that sweet tooth at Mr and Mrs Watson

Got a craving for cheesecake? This vegan restaurant in Amsterdam is the place to go for all those sweet cravings — while also being assured you’re eating completely vegan. 

Mr and Mrs Watson also sell the world’s first vegan cheese wheel (yes, that’s a thing! 🧀) and offer an array of different vegan cheeses. 

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As any vegan knows, these are notoriously hard to find — especially good vegan cheese!

🍔Location(s): Linnaeuskade 3h, 1098 BC Amsterdam
📞How to book: Book online
Price Range: Mid-range

12. Eat an easy brunch and more at The Meets

The Meets is an excellent place to enjoy a vegan dinner in Amsterdam. Image: @themeetseatery/Instagram

Having been fully plant-based since 2021, The Meets is the place to get a tasty vegan brunch and enjoy a lazy Sunday in Amsterdam. 

However, brunch isn’t all they offer. Serving all-natural dishes with delicious wine pairings, The Meets is also a great option if you’re looking for a classy place to go for dinner!

🍔Location(s): Sumatrastraat 28, 1094 ND Amsterdam
📞How to book: Book online
Price Range: High end

13. Head to Bonboon for a fancy dinner date

If you’re all about class, then we have to mention Bonboon. Located by the water on KNSM island in Amsterdam, at Bonboon you can enjoy a luxury vegan meal from a set menu. 🥂

Near to lots of hotels, perhaps this is an idea for a great weekend treat — a night away, and a luxurious meal out! 

🍔Location(s): Piraeusplein 59, 1019 NM Amsterdam
📞How to book: Book online
Price Range: High end

14. Live your dreams of vegan soft-serve at Deer Mama

Cakes, brownies, burgers, and more, can be found at Deer Mama

Craving a bit of soft serve ice cream? They’ve got it! And, that’s something poor vegans often go without — but you’re in Amsterdam schat, and here, your dairy-free dreams come true. 🍦

With a beautiful pink and blue interior that will leave you feeling calm and content, here you can enjoy the vanilla ice cream of your dreams. Yum!

🍔Location(s): Ceintuurbaan 71, 1072 EW Amsterdam
📞How to book: Book online
Price Range: Mid-range

15. Buy a boozy vegan taco dinner at Madre 

Satisfy your taco and tequila craving at Madre, Amsterdam. Image: Unsplash

Got a desire for some vegan-friendly tacos, tequila, and top cocktails? Madre has all that and more, with great vegan options on its sustainably-focused menu. 

As the Netherlands’ first vegan-only Mexican restaurant, they’ve got meat-free burritos down to a tee! 🌯

🍔Location(s): Westerstraat 186, 1015 MR Amsterdam, Netherlands
📞How to book: Book online
Price Range: High end

Though being vegan isn’t for the soft-hearted, you can certainly find the vegan dish of your dreams in Amsterdam. 

Say goodbye to combing through lists of restaurants while your tummy grumbles on the streets because we’ve got every option you could need! 😍🍕

Where will you be headed first? Tell us in a comment below!

Feature Image:Depositphotos
Heather Slevin
Heather Slevin
Heather is a Dublin native, addicted to catching the Luas, the Irish version of a tram, for one stop, and well used to the constant rain and shine. Seeking to swap one concrete city for another (with a few more canals and a friendlier attitude to cyclists) here she is with the Dutch Review! As a Creative Writing student, she can usually be found sweating over the complicated formatting of her latest poem or deep inside the pages of a book, and loves writing, writing, writing.

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