12 ‘gezellige’ places to work or study in Utrecht

Utrecht is one of the most buzzing cities in the Netherlands; still, there are plenty of places to sit down, quiet your mind, and focus for a few hours. 

Are you seeking the perfect cosy places to work or study in Utrecht? We’ve got you. Our list includes quiet cafés, libraries, and even coworking spaces — no noisy barrel organs here! 😉

Now, let’s find your perfect spot and get to work.

1. Bar Beton — for working on the go

Let’s say that you just arrived in Utrecht, but you are a busy bee, so you need a place to focus right away. 

Geen probleem, Bar Beton is right inside Utrecht Central Station, so it can be a great spot for those who have just hopped off — or are about to hop on — a train.

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This bar is not only a perfect spot to grab something for lunch, but you can also even schedule meetings there, or you can easily find a quiet corner to answer some of your emails. 

🏨 Type: Bar

💰 Price: Depends on how many people you want to study with!

Opening hours: 09:00 AM until 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday

📍 Location: Utrecht Central, Station hall 9.

Tip! Due to the fact that Bar Beton is located within one of the Netherlands’ busiest station halls, it might not be the quietest place to work on things like your university thesis. In the end, this all depends on your concentration skills!

2. BROEI — for the plant nerds

If you feel like the best spot to focus is in a jungle, we have great news for you. BROEI is a great cafe house to focus on your studies; the only thing that can distract you is the beautiful plants all over the space. 

If you’re a plant-loving night owl, then it’s also worth noting that they’re open until late. Meaning you can reward yourself with a nice cocktail after a long work or study session!

Tip! They also have lekkere traditional and vegan Dutch dishes to line your stomach before you hit the cocktails.

🏨 Type: Cafe

💰 Price: €3.20 for a cappuccino

Opening hours: 9 AM until 11 PM, Monday to Sunday

📍 Location: Oosterkade 24, 3582 AV Utrecht

3. Café Het Gegeven Paard — for easy socket access

Some of the essential things that you need to make sure you have when heading into the world for a study session is that you have good WiFi, and sockets to charge your devices. Well, guess what, in Café Het Gegeven Paard, you have it all! 🔌

In this big shared space, it’s easy to blend with other people. Think of it as being like a library — but it’s got more of a buzz, and most importantly: you can eat as well,

The main courses and sandwiches are all offered through table service, so you only need to stand up from your cosy spot if you want to use the restroom or get some more blood flowing. 

Tip! Got an important deadline at 8 AM, and you’ve spent most of your day sipping on coffee and scrolling through Instagram? (We’ve all been there). Geen probleem, once the panic hits, you’ll be able to type away until late in the night at this location. 

🏨 Type: Cafe

💰 Price: €2.90 for a cappucino

Opening hours: 10:30 AM until 12 AM, Sunday to Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday 10:30 AM until 1:30 AM

📍 Location: Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht

4. Utrecht University Library — for super-focused study

Speaking of deadlines, there’s no better place for some deep focus than a good old library, right? It’s a great option if you prefer to work in a more quiet environment, and you like to be surrounded by others who are also struggling to study. 

If you are a student at the University of Utrecht, then you can enter the library for free. But even if you’re not, you can still apply for a subscription and enter using that. 

You can also rent books to read and study from; after all, that’s what libraries are for, right? 🥸

🏨 Type: Library

💰 Price: Free for UU students or €50 per year for membership

Opening hours: 8 AM until 1 AM, Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8 AM until 10:30 PM

📍 Location: Drift 27, 3512 BR Utrecht

5. Bunk Hotel Utrecht — for those who need food to focus

Bunk is a mooie hotel in the centre of Utrecht, right near the canals. You can enter the restaurant to have a lekkere lunch… and to open your laptop and work a bit after that. 

The hotel is no stranger to this. They have small tables for self-study, but also longer ones where you can organise some group study sessions with your friends. So it’s ideal for organising a meeting about that work or school project you need to finish. 

Tip! Let’s not forget that this is a restaurant, so you will need to order to work there, but you definitely won’t regret eating here!

🏨 Type: Hotel restaruant
💰 Price: 
€2.00 for a cappuccino
Opening hours: 7:30 AM until 12 AM, Sunday to Thursday, Friday to Saturday, 7:30 until 1 AM
📍 Location: Catharijnekade 9, 3511 RT Utrecht

6. Anne & Max Utrecht — for working while you break your fast

Anne & Max is a cute breakfast place with famously friendly staff. They even have dedicated seating for laptop users, so what are you waiting for? 

They have several separate spaces in the place (terrace as well), to help you to find a gezellige spot to work.

🏨 Type: Cafe
💰 Price: 
€ 3.50 for a cappuccino
Opening hours: 8 AM until 6 PM, Monday to Sunday 
📍 Location: Catharijnekade 9, 3511 RT Utrecht

7. Seats 2 meet — for acting professional

Who says a meeting has to take place in a cold boardroom? Image: Freepik

If you are looking for a real co-working space to feel (or look) like you’ve got your life in order, then you found it! 

Seats 2 meet is not only a perfect spot to meet with your students and business partners, but it’s also a great place to study alone. You can enter for free, and they offer lekkere lunches.

Seats2meet is a great place for those who want to work or study in a collaborative environment. 

Tip! The facility offers various services, from shared workspaces to private offices and meeting rooms.

🏨 Type: Coworking space

💰 Price: see by clicking here

Opening hours: 8 AM until 6 PM, Monday to Sunday 

📍 Location: Moreelsepark 65, 3511 EP Utrecht

8. Bibliotheek Neude — for deep focus

Sometimes the best place to get some work done is a library. Image: Freepik

Bibliotheek Neude is open seven days a week and offers extended hours for students studying for exams. They also have a range of study rooms and group study spaces available for rent, as well as a quiet reading area. 

To keep you fueled, the library has a cafe with snacks, drinks, and pastries. If you’re looking to take a break from your studies, the library also has a variety of other activities to enjoy, such as board games, live music, and regular art exhibitions. 

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Whether you’re studying, working, or just looking for a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, Bibliotheek Neude has something for everyone.

🏨 Type: Library
💰 Price:
€35 per year for membership
Opening hours: 9 AM until 9 PM, Monday to Saturday, 9 AM until 6 PM on Sunday
📍 Location: Neude 11, 3512 AE Utrecht

9. DUBBEL/DWARS Utrecht — for cosy vibes

DUBBEL/DWARS is a cosy breakfast spot that is perfect for work or study. They offer designated areas for customers with laptops, which also have charging ports. 

They are also world famous (okay, at least in Utrecht) for their breakfast, making it a great choice if you’re an early bird who functions best in the morning!

🏨 Type: Restaurant
💰 Price: 
€ 3.20 for a cappuccino
Opening hours: 8:30 AM until 6 PM, Monday to Friday, 10 AM until 6 PM from Saturday to Sunday
📍 Location: Weerdsingel Westzijde 8, 3513 BA Utrecht

10. Bagels & Beans – for the terrace 

Perhaps you have already heard of this popular chain, given that they have multiple locations throughout the Netherlands – and for a good reason! 😋

While in many restaurants, you’re not allowed to sit on the terrace and work from your laptop, at Bagels & Beans, it won’t be a problem! 

Surprise surprise, they also have very delicious bagels on their menu (what a twist, right?), and they offer many options for vegans.

🏨 Type: Restaurant

💰 Price: €3.00 for a cappuccino

Opening hours: 8 AM until 5 PM, Monday to Saturday, 8:30 AM until 5 PM on Sunday

📍 Location: Mariaplaats 48, 3511 LM Utrecht

11. Coffeecompany – for the variety of coffee options

Looking for a cosy and laid-back spot to explore new coffee blends in the Netherlands? Coffeecompany is the perfect place for you! 

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Known for its exceptional hand-roasted coffee, this coffee house has made a name for itself as the go-to destination for coffee lovers. 

Their Utrecht location is especially charming and offers visitors a spacious and inviting atmosphere to work, study, or simply unwind. Sip on some of their speciality blends while you type away on your laptop, surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

🏨 Type: Cafe

💰 Price: €3.40 for a cappuccino

Opening hours: 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday

📍 Location: Vismarkt 4, 3511 KR Utrecht

12. The 5th — for staying in the centre

Conveniently located, The 5th cafe is a great place to work or study in Utrecht! Image: Depositphotos

The 5th is an ideal option for working in Utrecht’s city centre, located right next to the public library. This makes it a convenient backup plan during exam periods when the library may be overcrowded. 

Tip! The 5th offers delicious sandwiches that you can enjoy while working!

🏨 Type: Cafe

💰 Price: €3.50 for a cappuccino

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9 AM until 11 PM, 9 AM until 1 AM on Friday and Saturday

📍 Location: Neude 5, 3512 AD Utrecht

The leak of places to focus in Utrecht is officially out (or should we say the tea has been spilt?) Now you can scrap “nowhere to go” from the list of excuses why you are procrastinating on that project of yours! 

There’s an abundance of fantastic places to work or study in Utrecht. By tapping into these spaces, you can not only enhance your focus but also benefit from the creative energy that comes from working with others.

Where are your favourites places to work or study in Utrecht? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

Feature Image:Depositphotos
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