Where do all the Christmas trees in the Netherlands go after Christmas?

(Spoilers: not to a better place)

Quite a few internationals asked us the past days how to get rid of your Christmas tree in the Netherlands. Surely they thought that a tidily organized country had some kind of decent system in place. And indeed, in some municipalities there’s a pick-up scheme for Christmas trees right after New Year’s day (sorry, should told you about that a week ago). But there’s, of course, a traditional way of getting rid of the old tree in the Netherlands that warms my heart, figuratively and literally.

Burning the old Christmas tree

As a kid I didn’t know better that burning your Christmas tree was the decent way of getting rid of it, the more trees burning the better! It brings back the primal being in you and you know, big fires are awesome! So we at DutchReview can totally dig this photo report by Renzo Gerritsen on a good-old-burn-your-tree gathering in Amsterdam: it’s seriously lit!

If you like Renzo’s photo’s like we do then check out his website at: www.rg-fotografie.com or follow his facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/RenzoGerritsenFotografie/ 


  1. There’s got to be a better way than this… We snuck into the woods and replanted ours (it still had its roots). It’s probably better than burning it in the street, but I doubt the boswachter would approve.
    What’s needed is Christmas Tree Rental – you rent your own tree in a pot, to be taken away and replanted after Christmas. I think some options for this exist, but we couldn’t find anything locally.


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