As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the Netherlands, the elderly are being hit the hardest. 

Of those who tested positive for coronavirus last week, 19% were above the age of 60. Whilst the majority of positive cases remain to be found in people in their twenties — accounting for one in every five infections — the age group with the fastest growth rate are those above 60.

In September, the elderly made up 10% of coronavirus infections. Now, in October, that percentage has almost doubled.

Majority of hospitalisations

The Netherlands saw how severe the virus is for the elderly in the first wave of the pandemic. This remains the case during the second wave.

Of those hospitalised in the past week, admission rates for those above 60 were four times more than average, and they made up 98% of deaths. RTL Nieuws reports that the elderly currently make up the bulk of hospitalisations and deaths from the virus.

Young people’s share goes down

Whilst the infection rate amongst the elderly rises, younger people’s share in infections has dropped. In September, people in their twenties accounted for one-third of positive cases in the Netherlands.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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