Is it springtime already? Dry and sunny weather on the way to the Netherlands

The Netherlands will be dry and sunny until Thursday morning. Spring seems on its way, but unfortunately, it’s not here to stay. 🙄

The weather this week will be pleasant for this time of year as dry and sunny weather graces the Netherlands, reports

The sun has got its hat on

The morning is predicted to be overcast, but by midday, the sun will push through the clouds and shine across the Netherlands until Wednesday. 

There will be little to no wind and the powerful sun will feel spring-like. Hoera!

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That’s not all. You’ll feel spring temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius outside, so perhaps skip putting on too many extra layers today.

Just as long as you’re not wearing shorts because temperatures will drop to freezing in the evening and there will be a mild fog.

A not-so-pleasant turn

Lap up all the vitamin D you can get because the fabulous weather isn’t here to stay. By Thursday, the sun will go back into hibernation for goodness knows how long this time. 

Winds will pick up, Sahara dust will return, and to end the week off with a bang — heavy showers will be back with a vengeance. ☔

The Wadden area will be most affected by the weather’s temperamental turn with winds of up to 75 kilometres per hour. 

However, temperatures will stay at around 9 to 10 degrees Celsius during the day, so, it won’t all be doom and gloom.

Have you gotten used to the Netherlands’ unpredictable weather? Tell us in the comments below!

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Eva Gabriella
Eva Gabriella
After calling Malaysia her home for 19 years, Eva moved to Amsterdam to study literary and cultural analysis. Well, that was the academic theory — in reality it was more like “cultural shock.” Eva’s mastery of life in the Netherlands involved initiation into the richness of nocturnal hangouts, canals, cuisine, and upright and forthright cyclists (who she now rings her bell back at.) When she is not speeding her way through books, she is winding and weaving down endless straatjes, often finding herself, not so quite by chance, in a gezellig music bar!


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