We’re fans of Rotterdam! It’s official! Shedding its shitty parts and putting up new amazing architectural highlights, Rotterdam is like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly over the past few years (and the whole world saw and raved about it). As a born Rotterdammer I already had the pleasure of writing at DutchReview about some great photographers in Rotterdam. Check the work by Roy Poots here or Anthony Malefijt here for instance.

Epic Rotterdam by Gestaltes

There was one account on Instagram called Gestaltes, that just kept posting pics and there was something special about them. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why they made Rotterdam look so special, but I did know that I wanted to keep seeing more and more! Before we get our minds blown by these pictures, be sure to visit their website, drop a like at their Facebook-page or follow their analog Gestaltes account!

Anyway, let’s look at some spectacular shots of a few iconic architectural Rotterdam buildings one at a time or as they say in Rotterdam: geen woorden maar daden – no words but deeds. Here are the pics!

#1 The Erasmusbridge

It’s a fairly young bridge, but now a symbol of the port city. Recently the bridge made it onto all kinds of ‘best bridges in the world’ lists and you can see why:

2. De Rotterdam

Right next to the Erasmus bridge you can find ‘De Rotterdam’ building. It’s huge and was only completed a few years ago, but is already a crowd favourite.

#3 New Orleans

Right next to the Rotterdam (in the above pic), is the New Orleans building. New Orleans is a 46-storey, 158 m residential skyscraper and designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira. It is currently the tallest residential building in the Netherlands.


#4 Kop van Zuid

All these buildings and the Cruise Terminal are located at the ‘Kop van Zuid’ (or Llyod-quarter). It’s a Walhalla for architecture lovers and photographers.

#5 The Central Station of Rotterdam

Amsterdam is has been working for decades on theirs – but Rotterdam finished it’s awesome station under its budget and time schedule (and it’s lit af).

#6 Tons of other architectural highlights

Rotterdam has tons of other plans for new and epic buildings,  and there’s still plenty in the city to discover.

And we didn’t even specifically talk about the Markthal and the Cube houses

#7 Fun-fact: This is the Buttplug Gnome in Rotterdam

The bronze statue was ‘intended’ to show Santa holding a festive bell and a Christmas tree, but the artist that made it; Paul McCarthy, did it a bit different. After some moaning by Rotterdammers about the costs, the sexually active gnome was adopted and loved by the city.

Kabouter buttplug 😀

That’s it for now! If you still want to see more epic Rotterdam pics by the guys from Gestaltes then be sure to check their website! (where you can totally buy their stuff too!)


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