These are the 7 best places to get vegan food in The Hague in 2021

What are the best places to get vegan food in The Hague? We’ve come a long way since being vegan meant calling a restaurant in advance, and begging them to have something more than lettuce available for you. In honour of World Vegan Day, we’re presenting you with our seven favourite vegan cafes and restaurants in the beautiful city of The Hague.

Having lived in The Hague for over three years, I know my way around the vegan scene. Each of these cafes will please both the consummate vegan and the carnivorous-but-curious: from fresh, exciting salads (they do exist, I promise) to traditional baked goods to mock meats, they’ll have everything your heart desires.

Veggies on Fire: fancy vegan dinner in The Hague

Where: Beeklaan 385, 2562 AZ Den Haag

Coronavirus Update: Veggies on fire are currently closed due to the current coronavirus measures. They offer deliveries on special holidays only.

Veggies on Fire is perfect for when you want to celebrate something with a really special meal. It opens in the evenings, so it’s very much a dinner place, and reservations are recommended (though I have managed to eat there without one as well).

The servings are super generous, which is awesome, and contain a real variety of foods. Their desserts are delicious as well. I also love it because it’s out of the centre of the city, on Beeklaan, but easily accessible by tram (or bike, if you want to work up an appetite beforehand).

Maoz Vegan: vegan fast food in The Hague

Where: Plein 3A, 2511 CR Den Haag

Coronavirus update: Maoz are currently open for delivery and takeaway only.

If you want fast food, Maoz is the place to be. It’s mostly a falafel shop, selling fries, wraps, bowls and salads. Located right on Plein, where a lot of people go for a drink in the evening in The Hague, it’s the perfect place to stop off to grab something quick and delicious.

My personal favourite is the falafel pita with mounds of Maoz’s delicious garlic mayo — plus fries. They have some incredible spicy sauces as well, along with pickled chilis for the brave among us.

Plenty: vegan breakfast food in The Hague

Where: Piet Heinstraat 37, 2518 CB Den Haag

Coronavirus update: Plenty are currently open for takeaway.

Let me say it clearly: I’m OBSESSED with Plenty. Freshly baked croissants, cinnamon rolls, soda bread (so crunchy! so chewy!) and chocolate cake galore — this is the place to come for a vegan baked treat or, even better, breakfast (and then brunch and then lunch and then afternoon tea).

The decor is also mind-blowingly good — think Scandinavian hipster with salt lamps and a postcard on each table that you can write while you wait for your food. Please, if you do one thing with your life, it should be to eat here.

FOAM: aesthetically pleasing vegan food in The Hague

Where: Frederikstraat 44, 2514 LL Den Haag

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Coronavirus update: Foam remains open for takeaway.

FOAM is so good, I can’t even explain it to you. It’s a fully vegan brunch/lunch place, also in Noordeinde. It has a beautiful back garden with trailing climber plants, and inside the cafe you can see glass jars filled with spices and pickles.

All the food is made right in front of you — there’s no separation between the kitchen and the restaurant. FOAM also always has incredible homemade baked goods, which I can never resist taking with me for later.

Fast & Vegan: quick and vegan food in The Hague

Where: Piet Heinstraat 96a, 2518 CL Den Haag

Coronavirus update: Foam are open for takeaway between 11AM and 4PM Thursday – Sunday. On Sunday morning, they deliver foodboxes.

Located on Piet Heinstraat, Fast & Vegan is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch with friends in a beautiful area of The Hague.

Offering the Beyond Burger, vegan croissants, vegan Magnum ice creams, and vegan cheese toasties, my favourite thing about Fast & Vegan is that it provides alternatives to almost any non-vegan lunch option you can imagine. It also has lovely outdoor seating, both at the front of the restaurant and in its backyard garden.

Quench: vegan food and drinks in The Hague

Where: Weimarstraat 49C, 2562 GR Den Haag

Coronavirus Update: Quench remains open from Wednesday to Saturday between 10AM and 6PM. On Sundays they are open between 12PM and 6PM.

I have such a soft spot for Quench, because it was the first place I found vegan croissants at in The Hague. Other cafes have them now too (as I’ve mentioned above), but I can still remember the bliss of crunchy, flakey goodness I experienced there.

Quench, as the name suggests, actually specialises in drinks. It’s really like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for vegan beverages (alcoholic or not). They also do an amazing selection of homemade bagels.

Conscious Kitchen: community-style vegan food in The Hague

Where: Witte de Withstraat 127, 2518 CS Den Haag

Coronavirus update: In line with the latest coronavirus measures, conscious kitchen has been postponed for the time being.

The Conscious Kitchen is an incredible place. Located on Witte de Withstraat in The Hague, it opens every Thursday evening to feed people with food that would have otherwise been thrown away from the Haagse Markt.

Everything is vegan, and you pay what you think the meal is worth — most people pay about eight euros. The food is collected, prepared and served by volunteers. It’s an amazing way to get to know people in your local community, as well, as many people come alone and are in the mood to chat.

Are you going to eat at any of these places soon? Or do you know any other vegan hotspots in The Hague? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature image: Ailish Lalor/Supplied.
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in October 2019, and was fully updated in January 2021 for your reading pleasure. 

Ailish Lalor
Ailish Lalor
Ailish was born in Sydney, Australia, but grew up by a forest in south-east Ireland, which she has attempted to replace with a living room filled with plants in The Hague. Besides catering to her army of pannenkoekenplantjes, Ailish spends her days convincing her friends that all food is better slightly burnt, plotting ways to hang out with dogs and cats, and of course, writing for DutchReview.


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