This American TikToker is sharing hella accurate truths about dating in the Netherlands (and more!)

Being from the land of cheese, clogs, and windmills, the Dutch definitely have their stranger side. Whether it relates to food or dating, who better to uncover them (apart from us, obviously) than an American expat-TikToker? 

Originally hailing from the United States, Claudio moved to Utrecht two and a half years ago. His TikTok videos about life in the lowlands as an American have gone viral, attracting over five million likes. 

Whether he talks about the incomprehensible Dutch love of sandwiches for lunch, the struggles of finding true love, or just the dozens of different words the Dutch use for rain, nothing escapes his attention.

@cl_audioI swear even the higher up executives stick to the ##pindakaas broodjes on the daily ##Dutch 🇳🇱 ##TikTokNetherlands♬ Goodbye (feat. Lyse) [Slow Version] – Feder

The weird Dutch language

Learning Dutch is not an easy task and even trying to pronounce a simple phrase like “good morning” can leave you baffled for days, right? Well, not for this guy. But as you can see, he has picked up the nuances of the greeting fairly quickly.

@cl_audioLearning to say “good morning” in ##Dutch 🇳🇱♬ The Avatar’s Love – Johnnie Bailey

Dutch dating life…

Have you been going out with a Dutch person for months and the word “relationship” has not once passed their lips? Helaas pindakaas for you — but maybe you just haven’t gotten past the scharrel and prela. 😉 If you have no idea what those mean (honestly, we don’t blame you), keep watching. 


The 3 stages of dating a #Dutch person 🇳🇱 and the corresponding slang

♬ one summer’s day ~ spirited away lofi – Closed on Sunday

…can have weirdly vague expressions…

Dating a Dutchie can be quite the experience, especially considering their brutal honesty and stinginess that could put Ebeneezer Scrooge to shame. Why they then have such a euphemistic expression for cheating is beyond our understanding. 🤔 


#Dutch 🇳🇱 word of the day pt. 69

♬ Groovy Lofi Vibes – Red

…and being an expat can be an advantage. 

Fortunately for Claudio (and unfortunately for the Dutch girls he dates), the American TikToker is very well integrated into the Dutch society. He can navigate the difficult waters of Dutch dating fairly easily, thanks to the advice of his friends Kees and Jan Pieter. 

@cl_audio##Dutch girls telling me they’re glad I’m American (ib: @ayesebastien )♬ everyone using this sound – zup

Claudio is not the first expat to talk about things Dutchies don’t say or take some of their weird habits to TikTok. However, we’re pretty sure his stuff will give you a good laugh!

What Dutch quirks have you come across as an expat in the Netherlands? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Lisannevdbr Fotografie/@lisannevdbr

Jana Vondráčková 🇨🇿
Originally from the Czech Republic, Jana moved to the Netherlands for her studies. She fell in love with the local biking culture, and you’ll see her drifting through the streets of Rotterdam on her pink bike even in the worst possible weather (think rain, snow, hail, or all three). Besides advocating for Rotterdam as the best Dutch city, she likes to wander around with a camera in her hand.

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