Video streaming services in the Netherlands: the complete guide

Looking for video streaming services in the Netherlands? Got a burning desire to put your feet up, rest your overworked mind, and find out (again) whether Ross and Rachel will ever get together?

We all know the struggle: Sometimes ‘Netflix and chill’ turns into ‘Netflix and scrolling for an hour trying to find something to watch’. If you’ve exhausted all your Netflix options, there are streaming service alternatives, all available in the Netherlands, that are worth checking out.

So, we’ve rounded up the best video streaming services in the Netherlands, complete with pricing, free trials, and payment options (some of them don’t even need iDeal!).

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Netflix

King-pin of Dutch streaming services in the Netherlands. Image: Unsplash

Check it out free for: Sadly, Netflix no longer offers a free trial for users in the Netherlands.
After that, you’ll pay: From €7.99 per month for one screen
You can pay with: iDeal, credit card, debit card, prepaid card, PayPal, gift card

We’re going to kick this off with the obvious choice, the darling of video streaming services worldwide and accounting for a massive 45% of the streaming service market share in the Netherlands: Netflix.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the video streaming giant, from its worldwide domination to its stellar Netflix Originals content. The good news is that it is available in the Netherlands, and the content is comparable to most other countries — although, as always, it can differ due to regional licensing.

Note: If you already have a Netflix subscription in your home country, it will continue working in the Netherlands with no effort on your part. 

If you’re looking for a streaming service that you’re familiar with and want primarily English content with just a few Dutch options thrown into the mix, Netflix will likely be your go-to streaming service in the Netherlands. But, there are also other worthy competitors below that you should check out too.

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Stacks of familiar content and high-quality Netflix originalsThe tiered pricing structure makes it one of the most expensive streaming services
Different pricing tiers for extra screens 
Primarily English shows and movies 

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: HBO Max

Netflix better watch out. Image: Depositphotos

Check it out free for: Sadly, HBO Max doesn’t offer a trial.
After that, you’ll pay: From €5.99 per month
You can pay with: iDeal, credit card, debit card, PayPal

Hallo Nederland! HBO Max is the newest arrival on the Dutch streaming market, having just launched in March 2022. Owned by WarnerMedia, HBO Max first appeared in the US in May 2020 (impeccable timing if we say so 😷) and quickly gained popularity in other countries due to its killer price offers and wide range of movies and shows.

Bringing together HBO, WarnerBros, DC, and Max Originals in one streaming service, HBO Max has plenty of content for binge-hungry Dutchies and internationals. If you’re looking for a good tv show, there’s everything from the original episodes of Sex and the City to the internet’s newest obsession, Euphoria. Alternatively, cancel your weekend plans and sit down for a Lord of the Rings marathon or immerse yourself into the movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s monster of a sci-fi novel: Dune.

The closest alternative to Netflix in its interface and quality of content, HBO Max is a worthy contender for the streaming giant.

Heaps of classics as well as new releases and Max OriginalsNo ‘Recently Viewed’ section
Beats Netflix prices and offers the same quality contentSubtitles can sometimes be a bit off 
Primarily English shows and movies 
Many brand new releases

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Viaplay

With Viaplay, you can watch all the football you can dream of. Image: Freepik

Check it out free for: Sadly, Viaplay doesn’t offer a free trial.
After that, you’ll pay: €9.99 per month
You can pay with: iDeal, credit and debit cards issued by a Dutch bank

Another newcomer to the Netherlands, the Nordic streaming service Viaplay launched on March 1, 2022. While a Viaplay subscription is more expensive than HBO Max and even Netflix, the Scandi contender offers not just movies, shows, and Viaplay Originals, but also live sports — including Formula 1, Bundesliga, and Premier League.

Let op! Viaplay is changing its pricing. From August 1, 2022, subscription prices will automatically be bumped to €13.99 per month.

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian crime shows, Viaplay has you more than covered — but don’t worry, the streaming service also offers familiar content such as The Good Wife and Normal People, plus reality tv content from hayu. However, new releases (shows and movies) aren’t super prominent on Viaplay

What makes Viaplay unique amongst other streaming services in the Netherlands is its large offer of live sports. So, if you’re looking for a subscription that’ll satisfy all your viewing habits, Viaplay might be your new go-to.

Can stream live sportsThe most expensive option in the Netherlands
Primarily English but also Dutch and Scandinavian shows and moviesDoesn’t have many new releases
Easy user interface  

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Hayu

What’s your guilty pleasure? Image: DutchReview

Check it out free for: 7 days 
After that, you’ll pay: €5.99 per month, €28.99 for 6 months, or €52.99 for 12 months 
You can pay with: Credit and debit cards

Reality TV tends to get a bad rep, but let’s be real — who doesn’t love other peoples’ drama? 

Now, the number one platform to fuel your (slightly unhealthy?) obsession with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Below Deck, is Hayu

The American streaming service launched in the Netherlands in 2016 and has become increasingly popular in recent years. After having carved out its niche in the sea of streaming services, it still continues to be the only reality TV-focused service in the lowlands.

Hayu allows you to stream your favourite show on the same day as it airs in the US, so you won’t have to worry about discovering the latest drama on social media before seeing it for yourself. Oh, and did we mention they have a large true crime category? 

Content aside, the thing that makes Hayu different from other streaming services is its pricing structure: You can save money if you subscribe on a half-yearly or yearly basis instead of monthly.

Have all the best reality TV-showsIf you’re not into reality TV, this isn’t for you
Primarily English showsCan’t pay with iDEAL
Stream the same day as a show airs in the USThe app design could be more user friendly
Easy web user interface  

Video streaming in the Netherlands: Videoland

Videoland is the Dutch alternative to Netflix — give it a go! Image: Freepik

Check it out free for: 14 days
After that, you’ll pay: From €4.99 per month
You can pay with: iDeal, credit card, PayPal

If you’re looking for the Dutch version of Netflix, Videoland is your closest bet — apart from actual Netflix, of course.

Owned by German media company RTL, Videoland features shows and movies found across its owner’s television channels. Because of this, a lot of their content is very television oriented: think reality shows like Love Island, Criminal Minds and The Voice. Meaning Videoland has a pretty good selection of English content.

Fun Fact: Videoland was once the Blockbuster of the Netherlands — ya know, without going broke when the internet got big.

If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, they do have a hefty selection of movies, such as London has Fallen and Four Weddings and a Funeral and original television (hello Moccro Mafia!) as well. With prime position as a Dutch streaming service and over 130,000 minutes of pure Dutch content, it also gives you a good challenge to practice your Dutch.

Ultimately, when looking for an alternative streaming service in the Netherlands, it is well worth signing up for Videoland’s free trial.

A solid range of content for a fair priceNew movies or TV shows are limited
Easy enough user interfaceNo ‘Recently Viewed’ section
Can pay with credit card 
Watch on up to four screens at once 

Need more information about Videoland? Find out what you can watch, which devices you can stream it on, and what’s coming soon.

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: NLZiet

If you’re looking for a streaming service in the Netherlands to practise your Dutch, NLZiet is a solid option. Image: NLZiet

Check it out free for: One month
After that, you’ll pay: From €7.95 per month
You can pay with: iDeal, debit card, PayPal

The major advantage of NLZiet is that it’s a rare integration of three major television stations: NPO, RTL, and Talpa TV (formerly SBS). NLZiet is an attempt to combat the tough competition of streaming providers by making everything available on their eleven channels in one streaming app.

The major disadvantage of NLZiet, though? Its English selections are limited. There are some options, like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, and The F Word, but unless you speak Dutch, you’re unlikely to get the most out of this subscription.

On the bright side, if you do speak Dutch or are looking to practice your Nederlands, the Netherlands is famous for creating some very popular international television shows, like Survivor, and Big Brother.

For our top picks of NLZiet’s Dutch selection, see Utopia, where a group of strangers are given a piece of land and challenged to build a new society. We also love Hunted, where 13 ordinary Dutchies have to avoid a specialist team of investigators for three weeks.

Huge and varied contentPrimarily Dutch programs
Accessible priceContent only remains online for one month
Can live-stream televisionThe app is in Dutch

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a worthy selection of streaming titles in Holland. Image: Amazon/Screenshot

Check it out free for: 30 days
After that, you’ll pay: From €2.99 per month
You can pay with: iDEAL, credit card, PayPal

Amazon Prime Video made their first foray into the Dutch market back in 2016 but took a while to gear up to their best offerings. Thanks to a push in the United States, Amazon’s main offering is their original content: series like Modern Love, Fleabag, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel could encourage some viewers who are bored with Netflix to switch to Prime.

However, it’s not all original content — and that’s a good thing! Amazon also hosts some big-name series like Vikings and Hollywood-budget films like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Lots of original contentContent tires quickly
Can bundle with Amazon Prime deliveryAmazon Originals quality is not the same as Netflix
Can pay with credit cardHave to filter out paid rentals in search
Easy to navigate 

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: NPO Start Plus

NPO is the Dutch public broadcaster’s streaming service. Image: NPO

Check it out free for: One month
After that, you’ll pay: From €2.95 per month
You can pay with: iDEAL, credit card, PayPal

From the desk of the public broadcaster, NPO, NPO Start Plus is their streaming service. Major selling point? The price. Major downfall? Almost no English titles (it is the Dutch public broadcaster, after all).

It does have a few options that might be enough to get you in for a trial: the historical drama Victoria, Eurovision, or nature documentaries like March of the Penguins 2.

We’re including it as an option because it’s quite popular among Dutchies, so if you do have some handy language skills under your belt, it could be enough to take your fancy. If you’re disappointed in it, no big deal — it’s less than three euros a month.

If you do have some favourite NPO series, it’s perfect for binge-watching those babies with no advertising. And, if something important is being covered on live TV you can watch that too.

Cheapest option of allNot many English options (but a great chance to practice your Dutch!)
Excellent Dutch selectionApp controls are all in Dutch
Can watch Live TV 
Good payment options, including credit card and PayPal 

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Disney+

Disney Plus made its debut Dutch debut in September 2019. Image: DTCI Media

Check it out free for: 7 days
After that, you’ll pay: From €8.99 per month
You can pay with: iDeal, credit card, PayPal

In 2019, the crowd-favourite Disney+ became the newest addition to the Dutch streaming circuit. Not just limited to kids shows, Disney+ launched with superhero action movies from Marvel, galactic space battles from Star Wars, and some National Geographic for when you need to chill out.

Disney+ came in strong to the Netherlands, offering extensive free trials to the country while it tested the system for worldwide release. Now it offers some of the best conditions of any streaming service: a low cost, downloads on up to ten devices, and streaming on four devices at any one time.

One of the cheaper optionsOnly Disney content may mean it won’t become your standard streaming service.
Downloads on up to 10 devicesSome bugs were reported on the first release.
Playback on 4 devices at once 
Huge range of blockbuster movies and shows 

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Apple TV

Apple TV Plus promises original and exclusive series, documentaries, and films. Image: Apple

Check it out free for: 7 days
After that, you’ll pay: From €4.99 per month
You can pay with: Credit card

Eager to grab their piece of the streaming pie is Apple TV. Promising only Apple originals, it does offer some fresh new content — but the lack of shows may be enough to deter some viewers.

Regardless, Apple TV+ is in the game of boosting their subscriber numbers with unbeatable offers like free Apple TV+ for a year when purchasing an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV. That means if you’re into Apple’s ecosystem, you could be getting their premium tv offering for free.

Even if you’re not, at €4.99 per month Apple TV won’t be breaking the bank. And, its user interface is everything you can expect from Apple: clean, streamlined, and effortless.

Low priceDidn’t launch with a huge offering
Seamless use across Apple devicesNo classic shows or familiar content
Brand new content, clean interface 
Free for one year if purchasing an Apple product 

Video streaming services in the Netherlands: Ziggo Go

A girl sits in front of a TV with her phone, streaming services Ziggo Go Netherlands
If you already have a Ziggo plan, you can get Ziggo Go for no extra cost. Image: VodafoneZiggo/Supplied

Check it out free: If you have a Ziggo plan already
You can pay with: Direct debit (from a Dutch bank account), iDeal, bank transfer to IBAN, cash/pin in person at Travelex

Ziggo itself is not a standard streaming service but is an internet and television company in the Netherlands that offers a streaming option, Ziggo Go. The catch? You need to be signed up for one of their other services first.

However, if you happen to already have your television or internet through Ziggo, Ziggo Go is at your fingertips, allowing you to replay content from any of the TV channels that are part of your subscription. Keep in mind you only get seven days from when they were originally broadcast to watch them again.

If you have a Ziggo plan, it’s already includedNeeds a Ziggo subscription which can be pricey
Good user interfaceLimited to television content
Up to three screens at onceCan only play from channels subscribed to
 The app is in Dutch
 No credit card payment option

Which Dutch streaming service did you end up choosing? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in November 2018, and was fully updated in July 2022 for your reading pleasure.

Editor’s note: All information in this article was correct at the time of updating in July 2022, but boy does technology move fast! If you’ve discovered anything that is now inaccurate, we would love for you to bring it to our attention in the comments. 

Feature Image:Pixabay
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Samantha Dixon 🇦🇺
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