14 best clubs in Amsterdam according to locals [2024 guide]

Grab your dancin' shoes 🕺

So, you’re on the hunt for the best clubs in Amsterdam — where the music is booming and the dancefloor is jumping. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of the best clubs the Dutch capital has to offer.

Amsterdam is known worldwide for its epic nights out. From raging hen parties to the Thursday-night-drinks-that-become-a-four-night-bender, Amsterdam has a club for everyone’s needs. 

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or sit, wallflower-esque, there’s something out there you’re guaranteed to enjoy. 

1. OT301: for the creative types

A club ran by the non-profit organisation, OT301, you’ll find the dance floor of OT301 situated in the old Dutch Film Academy of Amsterdam. 

The foundation of this organisation began in 1999 when members squatted the deserted building — and it has been open to the public ever since!

You’ll find that the club is split into two different sections. Studio 1 is a bigger space, hosting bands and performances, while Studio 2 is a little smaller. There’s also a bar and seating area for those that would prefer to sit and chill. 

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0T301 has loads to offer, not just club nights — they’ve also got a vegan restaurant, exhibitions, and even a cinema.

If you’d prefer to catch a movie and get some grub while your friend’s party away, we’d definitely recommend a visit to OT301! 👯‍♀️

🎶Music? Everything from Latin to electronica
💃For who? Creative types looking to get involved with the arts. 18+
🚩Where? Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam
💲Price? Range from €5-17.50 

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2. Radion: where you can lose yourself in the music

Radion, a club located in the former ACTA dental centre — yes, you read that right — is another example of a place where you can not only dance the night away but also make use of the other events they host. 

Lose yourself on the dancefloor at Radion! Image: Pixabay

Their program includes everything from club nights to photo exhibitions to dance performances. 🩰

🎶Music? Lots of techno!
💃For who? For anyone who wants a night of partying, all-natural high, and raging techno sounds. 18+
🚩Where? Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam
💲Price? Range from €15-24.50

3. NYX: the Greek Goddess, and where you’ll find acceptance

Nyx is a popular, LGBTQIA+ friendly, club built across four stories of a building that used to be a carriage house. Inspired by the Greek Goddess, Nyx, the club stands for inclusivity and open-mindedness. 

Get those shots lined up, for you’ll be in for a night you’ll never forget. Image: Pixabay

Basically, come one, come all, and let out your inner Goddess! 🌈

🎶Music? Pop, pop-punk, and rock; you can even find their playlists for club nights on Spotify
💃For who? Everyone! A queer-friendly club, people from all backgrounds are welcome. 18+
🚩Where? Reguliersdwarsstraat 42, 1017 BM Amsterdam
💲Price? Range from €9-17

4. Vondelbunker: where you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time

Located in an old bunker in Vondelpark, this club is run by a non-profit organisation seeking to combat gentrification in Amsterdam. They rely on donations to keep running! 💸

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They host lots of different events, such as chess clubs, and you can find exactly what’s going on on their website

🎶Music? Electronic and techno mostly; but they feature lots of artists!
💃For who? Open to everyone, and inclusivity is key. 18+
🚩Where? Vondelpark 8A, 1071 AA Amsterdam
💲Price? Free entrance for most events, but remember to make a donation!

5. Lofi: for chill vibes

Want to enjoy a night out but not feel like you’ve been in the trenches the next day? Step one is to maybe not drink so much, step two is to find a chill club. 😏

Listen to some Lo-fi tunes at Lofi, Amsterdam. Image: Unsplash

A club featuring lots of disco music, but mostly focused on Lofi and chill beats, this is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a low-key but still energising night out!

🎶Music? Lofi
💃For who? Anyone looking for relaxed but energetic beats. 18+
🚩Where? Basisweg 63, 1043 AN Amsterdam
💲Price? Range from €15-40

6. Parallel: where you can rave the night away

Located in Amsterdam’s Northside, in the unique building of Tolhuistuin, Parallel is the place to go if you want to be up all night with the tunes. 🎶

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Self-proclaimed as being a club with one foot in the now and the other in the future, Parallel is for those of us thinking about an uber-technologic future — and a good bop. 

🎶Music? Electronic and hip-hop
💃For who? Everyone! 18+
🚩Where? Buiksloterweg 5C, 1031 CC Amsterdam
💲Price? €7.50-23

7. Jimmy Woo: for an epic-themed night!

You’ll find this very luxurious club in Leidseplein. An area famous for its clubs, Leidseplein is the best place to go if you’re looking for a more-authentic, truly Dutch night out. Away from the tourists, this is where the Dutchies come out to play! 😉

Lose yourself in the flashing lights on an epic night out. Image: Unsplash

The club hosts exclusive club nights on Fridays and Saturdays. You’ll have a blast experiencing the stylish interior, with the unique layout, and vibing dancefloor. 

🎶Music? Lots of different sounds; pop, electronica, techno
💃For who? 21+
🚩Where? Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18, 1017 RC Amsterdam
💲Price? €10-18

8. Paradiso: you might catch Lady Gaga hangin’ round

Again located in Leidseplein, Paradiso is a well-established part of the Amsterdam night scene. 

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Built into what used to be a church, the club has a notorious reputation, having hosted musicians such as Lady Gaga, the Arctic Monkeys, and David Bowie over the years. 🎤

The club is also a recognised charity and is passionate about the arts and sustainability. 🌲

🎶Music? Hosts lots of different musicians and bands
💃For who? A members club, it is 21+
🚩Where? Weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG Amsterdam
💲Price? Ranges from €10.50-40+ for concert tickets 

9. Air: for veterans and those freshly 18 (or 21!)

A very well-known club, Air Amsterdam is the place to go for an epic evening of partying and all-night dancing! 💃 

A destination visited by locals and tourists alike. Inside Air, you’ll meet lots of different people with all kinds of backgrounds. The club is focused on tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality, and freedom, meaning you can be assured of having an enjoyable night out. 🏳‍🌈

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The club is also card-only, so remember to pack your Maestro. If you’re stuck, you can buy an AIR card, an alternative to your card or cash, and use that to pay for drinks at the bar and for a locker to keep your stuff safe. 

🎶Music? A bit of everything!
💃For who? 21+ for most events, 18+ for select events
🚩Where? Amstelstraat 24, 1017 DA Amsterdam
💲Price? €11.60-31.60

10. Dragshow Bar Lellebel: Shantay, you slay

Dragshow Bar Lellebel is a drag bar and club, so if you’re looking to sashay the night away, this is surely the place to go! 💁‍♀️

Enjoy the art of drag at De Lellebel! Image: Pexels

You’ll find this club in the Reguliersdwarsstraat area. It’s a small enough bar, but it strives for inclusivity and diversity, and everyone is more than welcome! 

🎶Music? Lots of pop and pop-rock
💃For who? Welcomes anyone and everyone from all sexualities and backgrounds!
🚩Where? Utrechtsestraat 4H, 1017 VN Amsterdam
💲Price? Free!

11. Chigaco Social Club: for a night of epic memories

The club opens its doors every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, hosting popular DJs and playing the kind of music you can lose yourself to, this club is the place to go for an all-night bop! 🎉

Prepare to lose every weekend on the dancefloor at Chicago Social Club! Image: Depositphotos

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Placed bang-smack in the middle of Leidsesquare, it’s also in a great location for a bit of club-jumping. A two-floor club with a balcony, you’ll be able to find a nice spot for you and your friends (and a little bit of flirting! 😘). 

🎶Music? Techno and electronica
💃For who? 21+
🚩Where? Leidseplein 12, 1017 PT Amsterdam
💲Price? €9-25

12. Shelter: where you can hide from the Dutch winter and dance away

A club created with the inspiration to provide a place for veteran clubbers and newcomers alike, you can find Shelter across the IJ river in Amsterdam.

Rave the night away at club Shelter! Image: Unsplash

The club is famous for its raves, so pack those bags with water and food – gotta stay hydrated, kids! 💦

🎶Music? Lots of raves, so expect techno and electronica
💃For who? 21+
🚩Where? Overhoeksplein 3, 1031 KS Amsterdam
💲Price? €10-26

13. Melkweg: where you can be young and cultural

Located in a former factory, the Melkweg embraces pop culture with vibing club nights, concerts, theatre performances, and exhibitions.

There is a little something for everyone with the wide range in their programming and the variety of talent that they host. A space that lets you be creative and where you’ll feel free to be yourself while dancing the night away.

🎶Music? A large variety, including electronic, hip-hop, R&B, and more
💃For who? 18+ for the club, 6+ with adult supervision for concerts
🚩Where? Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017PH Amsterdam
💲Price? €10-18 for club nights, €10-40+ for concerts

14. Escape: for an exhilarating experience ⚡

If you’re looking for an electrifying atmosphere in the heart of Amsterdam, head to Escape, where the music is pumping and you can leave your soul on the dancefloor.

Open every night of the week, you can squeeze in some party time with world-class DJs whenever you’re up for it. You could even grab a quick snack in between dance moves at the club’s restaurant.

🎶Music? A variety of genres
💃For who? 18+ on Mondays to Thursdays; 21+ for men and 18+ for women on Fridays to Sundays
🚩Where? Rembrandtplein 11, 1017 CT Amsterdam
💲Price? €5-59

So, there you have it! The fourteen best clubs in Amsterdam for all the different types of nights out you could imagine. 

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Before you hit the club, though, you might have one burning question; can I get high on the dancefloor?

Drug use in Dutch clubs

Before you hit the club, make sure you know what’s allowed! Image: Depositphotos

It’s important to be aware of the laws regarding drug use in the Netherlands. It’s a major shock to many tourists, but weed is not actually legal in the Netherlands: however, it is decriminalised. 

If you are going to get high in one of Amsterdam’s famous clubs, try to avoid truffles. In general, we wouldn’t advise getting high for the first time inside a club! 🚫🍄

Another fact to be aware of before you get yourself in a spot of trouble: carry no more than 5 grams at any given time.

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And, if you’re planning on smoking, do so outside. Most clubs will have a smoking area where you can relax and enjoy — but remember that pre-rolled joints are mostly a big nee nee. Bring those filters and rolls, folks! 🚬

Got the ground rules? Great! Grab those shot glasses and turn on the tunes. baby; it’s time to dance the night away! 🥂

What’s your favourite club on this list? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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