Looking for a little diversion from reality? How about a mesmerising video of Amsterdam circa 1922 — in colour!

The city is brought to life this delightful throwback, with crisp images capturing the city from a rare colourful perspective. From the characteristic canal houses to the trademark cyclists, it’s the typical Amsterdam we know and love, with even more old-time-y charm.

In the remastered video, you can see aerial views from across the city. Landmarks such as Dam Square, the Westertoren, Centraal Station, and the Rijksmuseum from nearly a century ago can all be spotted.


From the inner canal belt to the outer suburbs, it’s an incredible glimpse into life in the old Amsterdam. Life may look different now, but it’s a nice reminder that much of the old city still remains — albeit minus a few petticoats and flat caps…aaaand with the addition of several million people, bikes, and automobiles, of course.

What stands out most to you about this 1920’s Amsterdam video? Tell us in the comments below!


Feature Image: Anonymous/Wikimedia Commons/Public domain 


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