Dutch Quirk #55: Be rollerskating royals (and even hold skate parties) 

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So, it’s the weekend, and you’re hanging out with your Dutch friends, wondering what to do when they suggest you go to a rollerskating rink. How fun!

You arrive at the scene feeling confident, put on your rollerblades and head over to the rink. How hard can it be? 

The next minute, you’re struggling to glide along and keep your balance while your Dutch friends are skating around you in circles and dancing to the music so effortlessly. You grunt in frustration buuut end up falling on your knees. Sound familiar? 😅 

What is it?

Rollerblading, ice skating, and speed skating are all popular sports in the Netherlands.

You’ll find Dutchies rollerblading just about anywhere. You’ll see them showing off their skills at rinks, public ramps, in the park, and on the streets. 🛼

While Dutch people are figuratively born on bikes, most people wouldn’t realize that they’re also really handy with skates.

Skating is a fun and healthy activity that can be done in any season. Some even host skate parties to battle their skating techniques! 

Why do they do it?

The flat terrain of the Netherlands makes it an easy location to practice rollerblading. Not to mention, the cycle paths make it accessible for skaters to skate without being run over by a car. Bonus points for safety! 

We’re not surprised Dutchies are pros at skating. After all, to be good at rollerblading, you need three important factors: balance, core strength, and leg strength. 

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These are factors Dutchies have inherited; have you seen how fast they can go when they bike and the fact they can bike with another person sitting at the back? 😲 Quite impressive! 

Why is it quirky? 

While rollerblading might not be common in other countries, it’s still very much in style in the Netherlands. 

If biking everywhere wasn’t quirky enough, seeing a Dutchie with their rollerblades definitely makes us turn a few heads. 👀

Should you join in? 

Why not? Don’t let the Dutchies and their talent scare you off. Next time you want to go somewhere, take your skates with you and give it a go! 🛼

What do you think of this Dutch quirk? Have you experienced it? Tell us in the comments below!

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