8 ways a furnished apartment will help you instantly feel at home in the city

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Let’s face it, moving to a new city is stressful, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Add to that the housing crisis in the Netherlands, trying to find furniture — and getting it up those narrow stairs. But there’s a solution: Homelike’s furnished apartments. 

What is Homelike?

Homelike is an online booking platform for furnished apartments. The apartments are available for periods upwards of 30 days — so anywhere from one to six months. They’re ideal for digital nomads, new arrivals, and people who have to travel for work projects because they’re instantly bookable and everything is set up for you. 

There are a number of reasons why this is the ideal option for someone who is looking to feel at home as soon as possible. Let’s break them down.  

1. Skip the queue and get settled in straight away 

The first challenge that any international will face when trying to feel at home in the Netherlands is actually finding a home. Homelike offers a great solution to this. 

Homelike’s apartments are instantly bookable — meaning you get to skip the queue and avoid all the stress of finding a place, having to view it, compete with others, and wait to hear back. Only to find out that you didn’t get it. Wat jammer. 😕

Booking with Homelike is easy, quick, and stress-free. You simply select your move in and move out dates, request the apartment, and after the landlord has approved it, you confirm your booking by paying the first month’s rent. 

Wait, that’s not all. The platform also has a wide selection of apartments with “free cancellation” up to a certain date. In these turbulent and uncertain times with coronavirus restrictions and last-minute travel changes, this policy is great and will relieve a whole lot of stress.

2. Modern apartments equipped with all of the essential amenities 

Homelike apartments are ideal for working from home. Image: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

Homelike apartments are equipped with all of the amenities you need to live happily and efficiently. With working spaces in each apartment, they’re ideal for working from home — digital nomads, this is for you.

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Each apartment has Wifi, which in today’s online world seems more important than ever. But the fact that it’s already installed and that you won’t have to sit on a call for hours (minor exaggeration — may have been a bit traumatised setting up my own Wifi contract) is really something to sing about. 🎉

Do you love cooking and feel at home in the kitchen? The apartments have everything you need to cook up a storm. Baking, frying, and blending — it’s all there. 

And don’t even get us started on relaxation. Homelike’s cosy bedrooms will ensure you a restful and restorative night’s sleep. Fancy a bubble bath beforehand? You might just be in luck. 😉

3. Light and bright furnishings and decor that really fit your style 

All of Homelike’s apartments are, well… gorgeous! The light and bright furnishings will keep you focused and energized, especially when you’re working from home, and on those darker winter days. 

In your downtime, these beautiful spaces are perfect for having family and friends over, or just for taking some much needed you-time. Sit back and relax. 

4. Location, location, location

Live in an area that suits your needs. Image: DmitryRukhlenko/Depositphotos

A great location is the icing on the cake, taking Homelike apartments to the next level. Homelike have options to suit everyone, from properties in the buzzing city centres to quieter spots in more residential areas. Whatever you opt for, you’re guaranteed a beautiful blend of Dutch charm, proximity to green space, and interesting things to do.

As of yet, the majority of Homelike’s properties in the Netherlands are located in the four major cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht — with a handful up north in Groningen. We’re sure this list will expand in the very near future.

5. Registration is possible

As anyone who’s lived in the Netherlands for more than two weeks will know, registering is probably the first and most important step involved in relocating to this beautiful, flat, cheese-filled country.

Homelike also offers apartments in which it is possible to register, making this a great option for new arrivals. Being able to register in your Homelike rental will help you cut the red tape that comes with moving to the Netherlands. You’ll be able to get your bank account, contracts, and phone line sorted without delay so that you can start enjoying all the perks that come with living here stress-free.

6. 24-hour support

The Homelike support team is on standby 24/7 to help you instantly sort out any problems you may have. Gone are the days of wasting loads of time and energy in a call centre waiting room trying to sort out your utilities, or scrolling for hours trying to figure out which day you need to take your rubbish out.

Any questions or concerns you have are instantly answered. It’s also just great to know that there are people there to help you if you need it — especially when you’ve just arrived in a new city.

7. Plenty of storage space to facilitate your new move

As the old saying goes: “A tidy home is a tidy mind”. With loads of great storage space, Homelike apartments help you feel organized and make settling in a dream. This is especially important if you’ve just relocated and have a huge assortment of random stuff flying around.

Having your own place to put everything — your exercise bands and collection of Jamie Oliver cookbooks, or whatever it is — will help you really feel at home, and allow you time to go out and explore.

8. Pets are welcome 

Your pets will love your new apartment just as much as you do. Image: Chewy/Unsplash

Finding a suitable roof over your head is hard enough on its own — but many new arrivals have an additional challenge. Countless internationals have reported that doing this with a pet is a near-impossible task. So, if having your living room set up as a shrine to your cat makes you feel at home, then Homelike apartments are for you!

Homelike’s booking function has an additional pet-friendly filter to help you see what’s available and narrow down your options immediately. No more setting your heart on the perfect apartment, only to be told that your precious furry friend won’t be welcome to come with you.

Check out Homelike! 

Homelike’s flexible living, cosy and organised apartments, and stress-free booking process are the ultimate way to find your feet in a new city. If you don’t believe us yet, you should check out Homelike for yourself.

What was finding an apartment in the Netherlands like for you? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

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