The best prepaid SIMs for internationals and tourists in the Netherlands

No contracts? ✅

Prepaid SIMs offer affordability and a no-strings-attached approach to their data bundles — making them an excellent choice for internationals in the Netherlands.

With year-long contractual commitments and the steep prices of some SIM-only packages, getting a mobile data connection can be an utter headache for tourists and new residents to the Netherlands.

However, there’s a ray of light in the darkness: prepaid SIM cards. ✨

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First things first: What are prepaid SIMs?

Prepaid SIMs are physical or digital SIM cards that enable you to pay upfront for all the data, call minutes, and texts you use.

Whether you’re a heavy data user or just want to make a call now and then, prepaid offers you the most flexibility with packages. Image: Freepik

These SIMs are pay-as-you-go, making them perfect for tourists, temporary residents, and commitment-phobes, as no pesky, year-long contracts are required.

Best prepaid SIMs in the Netherlands

Ready to sample your own prepaid plan? We’ve tested the best, and found the most wallet-friendly and feature-packed prepaid SIMs on the Dutch market! 👇

Simyo: Most affordable prepaid SIM


Offering the most affordable prepaid SIMs on our list at just €5, Simyo punches well above its weight in terms of features.

You’ll benefit from unlimited calling, texting AND data options at your fingertips — all with access to KPN’s blazing-fast network (for a fraction of the price!).

Lebara: Best prepaid SIM for internationals


With super-low calling/texting costs for 44 countries in their handy ‘All in International’ bundle, it’s no coincidence that Lebara is one of the most popular prepaid SIMs on offer at Dutch airports.

Even better? With plans like their 3+1 bundle, you can even get one month of data completely free!

KPN: Best prepaid SIM for blazing-fast internet speeds


Boasting one of the Netherlands’ fastest and most extensive mobile networks, KPN is a true heavyweight in terms of feature-packed prepaid bundles.

Whilst this is one of the more costly providers on our list, their wide range of monthly or daily data packages and ultra-reliable network more than justify the price.

Odido: Best prepaid SIM for flexibility


Whether you’re keen on an unlimited data bundle or want the best of both worlds with calling minutes and messages too, the sky’s the limit with Odido’s range of flexible packages.

In addition to being valid throughout the EU, they offer combi bundles at various price points — ensuring you never overpay for the data you want.

Vodafone: Best prepaid SIM for unlimited data


If you’re looking to surf the web, play your favourite Spotify tunes, and maybe stream a show or two, Vodafone’s handy unlimited data bundles are right up your alley.

Despite their validity ranging from a single day to one week, they’re a stellar prepaid option for data-hungry travellers who don’t want unnecessary contracts or commitments.

Prepaid vs. SIM-only: What’s the difference?

Prepaid refers to prepaid mobile credit that a customer can buy. It typically comes in the form of call minutes, a set number of messages, and/or mobile data.

Great news for data-lovers: many prepaid providers offer unlimited data packages! Image: Depositphotos

SIM-only, on the other hand, involves signing up for a mobile subscription. In most cases, this will lock you into a contract for a year or two — though certain providers still offer a monthly terminable option (for an added fee!).

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For users who’ll be spending a limited time in the Netherlands (or who simply don’t want to sign off on a year-long subscription without testing the product first), prepaid SIMs offer more flexibility.

With affordable prices and the ability to cancel your subscription monthly, prepaid SIMs are one of the best choices for internationals in the Netherlands.

Have you ever used a prepaid SIM plan in the Netherlands or abroad? Tell us all about your experiences in the comments below!

Prepaid SIM cards in the Netherlands: Frequently asked questions

With a lot of information and options to wade through, it’s only natural that you’d have a few questions. 🕵🏻‍♀️

How can I get a prepaid SIM in the Netherlands?

Can I get a Dutch SIM without a mobile plan?

What’s the cheapest Dutch prepaid SIM card?

Do Dutch mobile data providers offer prepaid SIM cards?

Can I buy a SIM card in the supermarket in the Netherlands?

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