A new statement from Prime Minister Rutte and Health Minister De Jonge warns “draconian measures” may be imposed if people don’t follow the current coronavirus measures. 

For over two hours on Sunday, the cabinet and its advisors discussed if and when new coronavirus measures will come into effect.

More clarity is expected tomorrow when the cabinet shares its plans for addressing the country’s growing crisis.

Still too early to tell

According to experts and policymakers, it’s too soon to tell if the current measures are having the intended effect, reports RTL Nieuws.

A formal press conference is not anticipated tomorrow, but likely later this week.

Over the course of the coming days, it should become clear whether there has been a levelling off or decrease in infection rates.

The looming lockdown

If the current restrictions have not made a substantial impact, tighter measures would be necessary.


This would mean moving to the highest risk level on the government’s roadmap, which would disallow home visits and meetings, and no more than two people would be able to go out together in public.

Political reporter Marleen de Rooy says, “A total lockdown and a curfew are also measures that the government will not rule out if the figures continue to rise.”

Do you think the government should impose strict measures to curb the growing coronavirus numbers? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image: Jesse Yelin/Pexels 


  1. What is the Dutch govt. waiting for. If you don’t do something soon you won’t have a population to worry about. For so called “forward thinkers”, you are not looking very smart.


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