Curfew not cancelled yet: ruling of earlier today suspended after appeal

If you’re reading this now, you better be at home. The decision earlier today that the curfew should be lifted immediately has been suspended.

This has been determined by the court in The Hague after an appeal by the State. That means the curfew remains in effect as of 9 PM tonight.

According to the court, the interest of the State is greater than that of the Viruswaarheid action group.

The court found that a flip-flop effect must be prevented. “Now there is a curfew, and if we as the court do not grant this suspension, then the curfew is off,” said the chairman of the court, reported by the NOS.

“What happens if we decide otherwise in the main proceedings? Then the curfew has to be in effect again. And otherwise, the curfew will be off for a few days. Under these kinds of circumstances, we deem the interest of the State more important.”

Appeal after dramatic decree earlier today

Earlier today, the court ruled that the curfew should be lifted immediately in a case brought forward by Viruswaarheid.

The State submitted an emergency appeal and asked the judge to suspend the decision so that the curfew would still remain until at least the substantive hearing next Friday at 10:00.

It remains to be seen if things will actually be quiet on the streets tonight, particularly after the Netherlands saw extended days of rioting after the curfew came into effect.

How is all this confusion about the curfew appearing to you? Let us know in the comments!

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