Dutch Health Ministers suggests significant easing of coronavirus measures

Coming Tuesday, February 15, there will be a new press conference regarding the possible easing of coronavirus measures in the Netherlands. In an open letter to the cabinet, Health Minister Ernst Kuipers makes some initial suggestions. 👇🏻

In the letter, Kuipers argues that it’s important to consider a range of factors when proposing the easing of ongoing lockdown measures, including:

  • reduced symptoms with the omicron variant,
  • high, overall immunity amongst Dutchies,
  • increasing vaccination rates,
  • economic stress for businesses under lockdown-induced closures,
  • And the overall, growing discontent within the population.

Backed by these arguments, Kuipers proposes a number of changing coronavirus measures amidst skyrocketing infection rates.

Extended opening times

From Friday next week onwards, HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafés) should be allowed to open again until 1 AM. At the moment, the hospitality sector is forced to call for the last round before 10 PM each night. 🍻

No more 1,5-metre distance

Another point is to increase the number of guests in venues — without 1,5 metres distance but with a valid corona pass. At the moment, distance measures in inside-venues are by pre-determined seating arrangements.

Here, the suggestion is to ditch the 1,5-metre distance rule up to 500 guests. For events with more attendees than the 500 baseline, fixed seating and distance measures will stay in place.

Shortened quarantine

In the Dutch talkshow, Beau, Kuipers has also suggested to shorten quarantine after a coronavirus infection, reports RTL Nieuws.

Currently, self-isolation is imposed up to a week after detected infection with the coronavirus. You have to quarantine longer if you experience symptoms after, such as coughing — which increases the risk for you to infect others. 🦠

Kuipers now proposes to relieve people of self-isolation as soon as they do no longer experience any symptoms. 😷

What do you think of this proposal by the Dutch Health Minister? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Pexels/Pressmaster

Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara moved to the Netherlands at fifteen and she is here to stay! After all, there is so much to love about it, except maybe the bread (as every German will tell you). Next to finishing up her bachelor's degree in European politics (dry), Cara loves to do yoga, swim, and cook delicious veggie food.


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