Here’s how you can help Ukraine from the Netherlands

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing war have sent shockwaves throughout the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

The conflict leaves many Ukrainians without a home, job, stable food supplies, and medical aid.

Even though the Netherlands might be pressed into the most Western corner of Europe, there are still ways to assist the Ukrainian people. Here’s how you can help Ukraine from the Netherlands. 💙💛 👇🏻


There is an ensuing humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict. While it’s not possible for most of us to travel to Ukraine and offer humanitarian assistance, you can donate to organisations that do.

Here is a list of ongoing campaigns that can use your donations to fund medical aid, emergency shelter, and food supplies for people directly affected by the war.

  • Giro 555 is a collective effort of aid and humanitarian organisations in the Netherlands to collect money for the people in Ukraine. At the time of writing, over €137 million have been donated.
  • Stichting Vluchteling 999 is a Dutch refugee aid organisation that has opened an account called Giro 999 to collect donations for displaced persons and refugees.
  • The UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) has also opened channels to help refugees of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • FreePressUnlimited has set up a donation campaign to support journalists and free press in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Donating just the smallest amount can help. There are also options to contribute on a monthly or yearly basis for long-term assistance.

Drop-off points for clothes, medication and other goods

Another way you can help is by dropping off goods such as blankets, sanitary products or canned foods at collection points in the Netherlands. From there, volunteers and employees will make sure the collected donations will reach Ukrainians in need.

Important: Before buying loads of goods and heading to any of these drop-off points, inform yourself what exactly is needed! For example, at the moment, medication and medical equipment are urgently needed. Check here for updates on what is required or call your closest drop-off point in advance.

Open your home to Ukrainian refugees

The Netherlands is preparing to host over 25,000 Ukrainian refugees by setting up emergency shelters and long-term accommodation.

As a private individual, you can open your home to Ukrainians through the organisation Room for Ukraine. You can send them an e-mail, detailing how many people and for how long you are able to offer shelter in your own home.

The organisation will then try to match you up with Ukrainians in need if there is a request matching your application.

Help Ukrainian truck drivers in the Netherlands

Aside from offering donations to improve the situation in Ukraine, there are ways to help out Ukrainians in the Netherlands. Many have been unable to withdraw money from their bank accounts, leaving them without financial means abroad.

A special case is Ukrainian truck drivers who are unable to return back home due to the conflict and are now stranded here in the Netherlands. There are about 10,000 Ukrainian truck drivers active in the country right now, estimates the AD.

This fundraiser by the Dutch organisation Chauffeursnieuws & Transporteffect has set out to collect money in order to provide them with shelter, food, and sustenance.


Protests are a way to raise awareness, express your intentions to the government, and mobilise the people around you.

You can use this tool to find or register more upcoming protests in support of Ukraine close to you in the Netherlands.

It can be overwhelming and enraging to witness a conflict from afar. Tell us in the comments how you are planning to help Ukraine. 👇🏻

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Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara Räker 🇩🇪
Cara moved to the Netherlands at fifteen and she is here to stay! After all, there is so much to love about it, except maybe the bread (as every German will tell you). Next to finishing up her bachelor's degree in European politics (dry), Cara loves to do yoga, swim, and cook delicious veggie food.


  1. Hello, I am Irish and based in Amsterdam. Is there any places I can donate personal hygiene products, blankets, clothes etc to help ?

  2. I have the exact same question as Rachel. How can we send material help? We have plenty of unused toys, clothing items and hygiene products that we could donate. I could drive up to Amsterdam to bring them, if need be.

  3. Hallo
    I have ukraines relatives in ukraine a mother and two kids near poland boarders
    How can I help them and bring them to Amsterdam ?

  4. I own a large Sprinter van and am based near Venlo. We’d like to pick up medical supplies from somewhere in NL and drive this load to the Polish & Ukraine border then hand this to the right people who do the next stage into Ukraine. Is there any anyone you know who is organising overland delivery aid trips as we have the van and the time?


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