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Leave those bags; Schiphol cancels more flights due to security shortage

Schiphol continues to prove that no matter how bad things can get, they can always get worse, as 42 flights were just cancelled due to a security staff shortage.

After Schiphol recently announced their plans to cut down the number of flights by 18%, it looks like the reduced capacity is already being put into effect, reports NU.nl

On Monday, major airline KLM will cancel over 40 flights departing from Schiphol due to a lack of security personnel. 

Already, 22 flights were cancelled on Sunday, though KLM was the only airline to scrap flights from departing. 

So much for booking ahead — looks like you’ll be camping overnight. 🏕

Schiphol? Cancelled.

As a result, the number of passengers allowed to depart daily from the airport has been reduced by 9,250 until the end of October. 

It’s like a super, super unlucky lottery – will you be one of 9,250? Only time will tell.

And, unsurprisingly, passengers are. not. happy. 😡

Security guard shortage

The current disruptions at the Dutch airport are highly linked to a security guard shortage. In order to appease unhappy workers over the summer, Schiphol instigated a higher wage – an extra €5.25 per hour. 

But, as this temporary pay disappears, security guards have begun looking for work elsewhere, or not turning up at all. 😬

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Not a great sign, lads, if the only thing keeping your staff around is higher pay. Has Schiphol considered, perhaps, providing both a good wage and good working conditions?

However, none of this is a major surprise to us, seeing as Schiphol ranked as the fourth-worst airport for delays during the summer. Maybe they can beat that record this Autumn? 😘

What do you think of the cancellations? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Heather Slevin
Heather Slevin
Heather is a Dublin native, addicted to catching the Luas, the Irish version of a tram, for one stop, and well used to the constant rain and shine. Seeking to swap one concrete city for another (with a few more canals and a friendlier attitude to cyclists) here she is with the Dutch Review! As a Creative Writing student, she can usually be found sweating over the complicated formatting of her latest poem or deep inside the pages of a book, and loves writing, writing, writing.


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