Woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth on 11-hour KLM flight

An unexpected baby boy was born on a long KLM flight to Amsterdam, and both the mother and the child are well. 

You’d think that this could only happen in movies: Tamara was on a flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador, to Amsterdam last Wednesday when suddenly she felt pain in her belly. 

She went to the toilet where, after two contractions, she held her newborn son in her hands, the NOS reports. 👶🏽

Luckily, two doctors and a nurse happened to be on board and were able to provide medical assistance after Tamara finished giving birth. 

Maximiliano’s first day

Maximiliano was named after one of the doctors who helped his mother deliver him. 🥹

After the flight, he was immediately taken to the Spaarne Gasthuis Haarlem Zuid hospital for further medical examinations with his mum, but luckily they were both found in good health. 

Airlines have a strict policy for heavily pregnant women, to prevent these risky situations.

But, since Tamara had no idea that she was pregnant, she got some help with the first legal steps as well in the hospital obtaining the necessary papers for her newborn. 

Rare moment

Not many people can say that they were born on a plane flying 35,000 feet above the ground. 🛩

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Usually, a baby born in the air is given the mother’s nationality, but Tamara hasn’t disclosed that information yet. 

What do you think of this incredible story? Tell us in the comments! 

Feature Image:KLM/Supplied
Mihály Droppa
Mihály Droppa
Mihály fell in love with (and in) Amsterdam, so he quit his NGO job in Budapest and moved to Amsterdam to become a journalist. His apartment is full of plants and books, two dogs, and a random mouse in the kitchen. You might find him in Vondelpark, where he spends most of his life throwing tennis balls for his vizslas and listening to podcasts. His nickname is Mex — ask him why!



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