Netflix en Chillen: What Dutch movies are on Netflix now?

What Dutch movies are on Netflix?

A year ago to the day (well almost!) we gave you our top choices for Nederlands Netflix en chill. A year later and I’ll be honest the Dutch selection hasn’t dramatically increased but there are more films and there is a whole new set of movies and documentaries to pick from. So what Dutch movies are on Netflix? Here is the low down on the best choices to scratch your Dutch itch, practice your language skills or simply lose yourself with dreamy Dutch men!

Loving Ibiza

What Dutch movies are on Netflix

Complete with English subtitles (yay!) and hunks in swimwear, “Loving Ibiza” ticks all of my boxes. Ibiza is my spiritual home and where I relocate to between the UK and The Netherlands.

With great music and beautiful locations we follow the lives of; footballer Kevin, newly divorced Jacky, aged rock star Lex and dreamy brothers Dylan, Marco and Boyd aiming to take the music industry by storm. We are even treated to a cameo from Armin Van Buuren! What more could you want!?

With the ladies dressed for the beach and some mature content from the outset, this is a perfect movie for a girls night in or to enjoy on a balmy summers night ahead of your Summer VaCay!

A Nobel IntentionWhat Dutch movies are on Netflix

Who doesn’t love a good period film? Set in 1888 we enter the lives of Violin maker Vedder and his wife who live in Amsterdam. The film is centred on the construction of Central Station and we get a real insight into Amsterdam during the industrial development of the city. Vedder and his family live where the Victoria Hotel is to be built and when this small community is forced to leave their homes, Vedder and his cousin come up with plan to benefit them all – but at a price.

We see how a city of peat cutters and clog makers became world leading and where it all began. From the museums, to the station and how the architectural design re-shaped the city. This really is the perfect film to get a better understanding of just how Amsterdam became the city we see today.

Layla M.

If you love a culturally questioning film then Layla M. is the one to watch.

Layla is an eighteen year old girl with sass and intelligence committed to her beliefs. With increasing suspicion and perceptions of girls wearing headscarves and Muslims outwardly practising their faith, Layla finds herself struggling to be the Amsterdammer her parents raised and a follower of her religion.

Politically charged and ever more despondent with the world around her, she joins a radical group where her isolated anger is further fuelled. What starts as a protest against the ‘ban on the Burqa’, an impossible choice takes her away from her family and into the arms of radical jihadists. It is a most eye opening film and worthy of its 3 Film festival awards.

What Dutch movies are on Netflix

A Family Affair

This documentary follows Tom Fassaert’s journey to uncover truths in his family history. I’ve never seen a film quite like this. We meet 95 year old Marianne who now lives in South Africa. The opening line of the film draws you in and it holds on to you right to the end…“I am the son of a mother with a mask.”

What Dutch movies are on Netflix

Described as a femme fatale with more than just a colourful history. We see this nonagenarian reach out to her long lost grandson and unravelled her life to him. Tom is under the impression that the dream is to share a family reunion but that’s when things get weird and a maternal love become more of a reverse oedipal complex. Its weird but you just can’t not watch it!

How do you find this glorious list of what Dutch movies are on Netflix? Simply click here.

What are your choices for a night of Nederlands Netflix? Anything else take you fancy? Let us know in the comments!

Maria Smith
Born and raised in England Maria is a Dutch obsessive. Not just in love with the windmills and tulips her passion for all things Orange has spanned over 10 years. Proud feminist and campaigner, Maria works in UK politics whilst dreaming about eventually moving to the Netherlands.


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