1 million Dutch people to live in poverty next year: cabinet needs to act

If the outgoing cabinet doesn’t take new measures, every one in 17 people in the Netherlands might be living in poverty by 2024.

Today, 4.8% of the Dutch population lives in poverty. However, the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) crunched the numbers and warned that if the Dutch cabinet doesn’t take action, this number will rise to 5.7% by 2024, reports the NOS. This includes a rise to 7% of children living in conditions of poverty.

What does this mean? In total, one million people in the Netherlands are likely to be living without enough money for basic needs such as food and shelter.

Point the finger at energy prices

The skyrocketing energy prices of the past several years are partly to blame for the increase of people at risk of poverty. Prices for heating up homes and electricity had more than doubled at one point, emptying many families’ wallets.

Translation: Without new policy, poverty will rise from 4.8% of the population this year to 5.7% in 2024. Among children, the percentage living in poverty will increase from 6.2% to 7.0%. This is evident from the CPB estimate that was published today.

Although energy prices have slowly fallen, energy companies warn that they might spike right back up in the coming winter. Not only that, but government measures to curb shooting energy prices are expiring this year.

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Without any government help, it’s not looking good…

Everyone next year is expected to have to cash out more as everything will cost more. Thankfully, this should be accompanied by a rise in wages.

The cabinet is stuck

Before the Dutch parliament’s summer break, they demanded that the cabinet comes up with new measures to prevent such a big increase.

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But now that the cabinet has collapsed and is outgoing, it’s unclear how much is possible for them to achieve — oh jee.

The CPB will publish an update in a few weeks on what the government should do and how effective the new policies would be.

How have the last few years of energy prices and inflation affected you? Tell us in the comments below!

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Naomi Lamaury
Naomi Lamaury
Naomi came to the Netherlands four years ago for her studies with two suitcases and without ever having been to the country or knowing much about it. Now, you can find her eating ‘bitterballen’ and fighting against the Dutch wind on her bike every day like a local. Naomi enjoys writing about what is going on around her alongside a warm cup of coffee.


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