Making a comeback: Dutch OMT predicts worse coronavirus season than expected

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) has predicted that the coronavirus situation in the Netherlands during autumn and winter will be worse than previously expected, and have advised against further relaxations.

Clubs are open and the “1.5-metre distance” is gone, and Miss Rona clearly saw that as an invitation to make her presence fully known once again — are we really surprised? That’s right, since the new package of relaxations came into effect on September 25, the coronavirus numbers have gone up, up, up. ☝️ 👀

In light of these disturbing figures, the OMT has projected that the coronavirus situation in the Netherlands during the upcoming cooler months will be worse than they initially expected, RTL Nieuws reports. Does this mean we’ll need to dust off those board games again?

Projected ICU cases

There are currently 138 people with coronavirus in the intensive care units. The OMT predicts that if there are no further relaxations and the situation remains as it is now, 400 people may end up in intensive care. However, if the number of contacts increases by 20%, up to 800 people may end up in the ICU. 😷

New advice from the OMT: no further relaxations, and changes to the coronavirus ticket

To combat this spike in infections, the OMT has advised that there be no further relaxations. They have also advised against the use of the serological test for coronavirus admission tickets, as this test only shows antibodies in the blood (if you’ve had the ‘rona) but not active infections.

Back to 75% capacity?

Alongside this advice, the OMT has also recommended that coronavirus recovery certificates should be extended so that they are valid for a year, rather than the current six months.

The OMT has also recommended bringing back that 75% capacity rule in venues where visitors don’t have fixed seating, such as bars and clubs.

What are your thoughts on the current coronavirus situation and this new advice from the OMT? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. OMT should be renamed to OMG! Nonsense. All this sad game is a nonsense. Neither measures nor passes can eliminate the virus. There are many more dangerous diseases known to humanity for long time. Let’s rather begin with banning cigarettes!


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